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FFXIV Square Enix has the worst Customer support I’ve ever seen.

Content of the article: "FFXIV Square Enix has the worst Customer support I’ve ever seen."

So it's been a week since my account was suspended without any e-mail explaning the reason behind it so I've been contacting sqare enix through their inquiry since phone lines DOES NOT GO THROUGH, was on hold for over an hour then it suddenly hung up.

so my first inquiry got a response

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have been experiencing. If you are unable to log into a SQUARE ENIX Account because of disciplinary action taken against the account, we are unable to assist you. Whenever any action is taken against a SQUARE ENIX Account, a notification is sent to the registered e-mail on the account. We recommend reviewing that email for more information about the violation. Please note that disciplinary action is not always taken immediately and can be delayed depending on when the investigation was completed. We apologize again, but we hope this has helped clear up any confusion.

So they basically didn't read where I told them I didn't receive any e-mails and was sending this inquiry to find out exactly why I was suspended, and they sent me a copy-paste response saying "please check your e-mail"

so I have to BOLD the words and re-send the e-mail and I wait another day.

Greetings,We apologize for any inconvenience so far. It appears the account may have been subject to real money trading (RMT) ad spam. This can occur when accounts have clicked on suspicious links (Twitch, Youtube, in-game), and have entered in their account details on sites made to look like official Final Fantasy XIV websites.Many of these accounts were then compromised and banning them is to prevent further harm to the account.In order to proceed with assistance, please update the password on file, please then reply to this email letting us know the password has been updated. Once complete, we will escalate the matter further.

the CS guy I talked to said HE ASSUMES it's due to RMT flagging and will escalate to another department, although I'm sure it's not due to this. So not only can they not find out why, they have to play a guessing game within their own system?

Greetings Please keep an eye on the registered email for any updates/required information regarding this process. The RMT-Lift Ban has been escalated to the appropriate department. Also I would like to mention that unfortunately, we are unable to provide any compensation or refunds for time lost as a result of these issues. We do ask for your patience, as we are doing the best we can to alleviate these RMT-ban issues for our valued players. For reference, your CASE ID is 111560273 and your ticket number is 14293681.

So I've lost a week of my sub + retainer subs due to a suspension neither of us know the reason behind, yet you can firmly tell me that "we are unable to provide any compensation or refunds for time lost as a result of these issues." I think I found a company more crooked than the cable companies.

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Then, 2 days later

Hello,We appreciate your feedback. We apologize that the service you are referring to does not meet your expectations. Your feedback will be forwarded to my superiors. We do cherish the support and opinion from our customers and look forward to hearing your remarks regarding our games.

What does this mean? are they still looking into it? did their automated system assume i've closed my ticket? wtf??? How does a company as large as Square Enix have literally the WORST cs team I've come across in my 20 years of mmo? Are these even real people?

TLDR: $40 for game +$20 in subscription account suspended 2 weeks after purchase, with no explanation, no communication, yet they firmly state no refunds of any kind. A week and 10 e-mails later, they've yet to tell me why it's suspended and my subscription time is still running.

How is this even legal?


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