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Fighting games are hard and that’s why they’re amazing

Content of the article: "Fighting games are hard and that’s why they’re amazing"

Now I’m 100% biased in this post so take everything I say with a grain of salt but I still think what I have to say is meaningful

I love fighting games I’m into practically any fighting game if I see it I want it doesn’t matter if it’s smash, dbfz or tekken a big part of fighting games is competition and with fighting games specifically it’s one of the hardest genres of games due to numerous factors but I hate seeing developers dumb it down

to put in blankly I suck at fighting games like really suck big time my highest gsp in smash is around 2 I’m still an ultra bronze even though I played for over three years I only have 5 wins in tekken for goodness sakes the only fighting game I’d say I’m competent in is dbfz and that’s pushing it

Now I’m not one to rage at when a game gets more simple for newcomers I think that’s fine and dandy the fighting game community practically creates depth but what I hate is when people complain about them being too hard but to me that’s the appeal when I’m in a losing streak against an opponent much better than me and I happen to squeeze out one win I feel complete like I just crossed a big hurdle

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The truth is I haven’t always really loved fighting games I thought they were fun and okay but I didn’t love them I couldn’t do inputs and got really frustrated until I looked through my games library bored when I came upon sfv I remember playing at launch and wasn’t impressed because I couldn’t do any inputs so I gave up I booted up the game and played around in training mode trying all the characters out until I did it a hadouken my first successful input I felt so good I did it again and again and again I swear I might of say their for 10 minutes spamming the shit cause I was so proud of myself and from then on I made it a mission a rather small one actually it was just to do every command input in the game it was rather simple but for me who could only do the hadouken it was a real challenge and I kept making personal missions on different fighting games as well to a normal fighting game player it seems pointless because I suck so much but to me it was truly a magical experience

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