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Final Fantasy 15 helped me realize I need to explore games myself and not listen to public opinion on them.

Content of the article: "Final Fantasy 15 helped me realize I need to explore games myself and not listen to public opinion on them."

I'll start off by saying I loved it. I absolutely adore this game. And I absolutely understand the glaring problems, too. But I'm willing to ignore them altogether.

I undertook this game, humoresly, just because it was recently one of the games to play for some Microsoft reward points. I had wanted to check it out anyway. I own it on PC, but I couldn't run it. So I thought I'd put the Series X and Gamepass to use. I played the Royal version with all DLC. As a patient gamer, this is how I play 90% of games. I say this to prevent people who didn't like it commenting on how much worse the game was at release. We are patient gamers, so I don't think that point is needed here.

Graphics- This game is gorgeous in most places. It can be absolutely stunning at times. Sure, most of the dungeons are fairly bland and boring. But I kind of expect that from dungeons if I'm honest. They aren't called fungeons.

From the main character's spiky strands of hair to the plump and pleasant Chocobo feathers; the game hits wonderful visual notes with the art style. I've caught myself just soaking in the sites on the beach watch the sun go down. It helps that you will have many opportunities to travel the open-world hub and take pictures for myriad quests.

Gameplay- I can see why this game is very divisive in terms of combat. It is "action" based. I played with the wait mode enabled so I could have a breather and plan my attacks better. At first I did not like the combat. It is flashy and looks beautiful, sure. But I didn't feel like I had much control over anything.

I was wrong. The game does a horrible job of using tutorials to explaining the combat system. I did some research and studied videos. Turns out, there are complete move sets for almost every weapon in the game. You can get very technical if you put the effort into it. Or you can cheese it, it is really up to you. I actually feel bad that this game has such a bad rap for combat given how much obvious effort was put into the mechanics.

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The rest of the gameplay involves fetch quests and Chocobo races and such. Standard fair. I will be the first to admit the 90% of the sidequests are insultingly low effort quests that do very little with the awesome world that they made. But, yet, that didn't matter to me. I would just set the car to autopilot, go clean a few dished while rocking out to the amazing soundtrack, and come back to sword warp my sword into the faces of magic demon zombies.

Story- Another divisive point. To understand the story in any way, you will have to watch the feature-length movie as well as a 6 part mini-series anime. Which was awesome. This whole concept worked for me. I really enjoyed pieces falling into place for me while I consumed different media.

The story was just…alright. Kind of meh. Serviceable. But the real reason you get sucked in is the friendship and traveling about. In a very real sense, this game is about the journey, not the destination.

The best moments come up after a long car ride and seeing endless dilapidated billboards that time has forgot. Pulling the car over to call it a night and set up camp with your friends before night descends and powerful demons come out. But your biggest concern is choosing which delicious meal your mate is going to cook tonight or is it another delicious dinner of Cup Noodle? Either way, you wake up, call your trusty Chicken to your side and mount up. The boys are bantering about this or that and you are prepared for a big hunt. The issues of the world can wait. This is your gap year, damn it. Enjoy the moment.

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I do think the game is best done by holding off playing the second half as long as possible. But the first half easily carries the rest of the game for me. There are some grand parts to be had in the latter half, even though it is so obviously rushed in comparison.

I played this game with my partner. I do think this helped make the bonding and themes of the game resonate for me. I also suggest this as a team game if you have an SO or roomate/friend and the time.

TL;DR I avoided FF15 because of internet hate machine. But I loved it. And I will leave with saying, "THAT'S IT! I've come up with a new recipe!" (this is now my alert sound on my phone.)


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