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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reeboring

Preface: I am a Final Fantasy fan 3-4 of my top 10 favorite games are Final Fantasy games. My plan for this review originally was to buy the game during the steam sale, and sub for a few months. With a few days left in the sale I decided to try the free trial first. It took 4 days and 16 hours of me sitting in support que to get a hold of support. When I did they gave me generic responses that were 0 help. Less enthusiastic about the game at this point I decided not to buy since I had missed the sale at this point. To get past the issue of the game not working on steam I just downloaded the PC launcher.

Once I got the game downloaded it took me 3 days to get on a server I wanted to play on because despite it being a fully instanced game you can't create players on high traffic server which was all of them at this point with the streamer hype at peak.

While not the best experience to start a game I sat down for another Final Fantasy adventure with my kid glasses on.

The Good:

  • Stability

  • Pop culture references including Dune, Robin Hood, and Monty Python

  • The late game dungeons are pretty good.

  • The Music

  • Line of sight – you can los mobs, and while they don't utilize it well it is awesome.

  • Non destructive development – you can play old dungeons at any level.

The Bad:

  • Painfully easy game play with one or two button rotations.

  • Bad AI you can kite 90% of mobs in a circle and they can't hit you.

  • 0 dungeon mechanics for the majority of ARR, and mob spacing that never puts you at risk.

  • BabyMode monsters in the world have a very short leash and you can't die to fall dmg

  • Throttling – this is by far the most painful aspect of FF14

I tried to find more things I liked, but I just couldn't. The game offers a lot of mechanics from other games like rifts from Rift, but they are done in such a half assed way that they lose the magic they had in those games.

The throttling is the most painful aspect of FF14 you can kill mobs 10 level or more above your level. The problem is it only give a little more experience than crushing mobs your level, and raises your time to kill a lot so you get punished for trying to create a challenging experience.

To unlock dungeons you have to go through the Main Story Quest that is comprised of 96% fetch quests. They even make fun of you for doing so many fetch quests at one point. It takes like 80 hours of these fetch quests to get to any good dungeon content, but they this point if you make it you will probably already hate the game.

A lot of people talk about the story… what story? I played for 120 hours, and there was 1 passable story branch (the heretic) which was like 10 quests and a dungeon. JRPGs take 100 hours for an entire story. The story in this game is soo fragmented, and poorly written it is hard to even call it a story. Even if you manage to get pulled into the premise of you being this great savior… the tea, meat, or what ever you have to deliver for the next few hours as a part of the story will fix that.

Conclusion: The game is so painfully bad that I could not even make it to the content I wanted to review. There are free to play games that offer much better much more engaging experiences. I am use to chasing a carrot in mmos, but in most mmo's the carrot isn't fun.

Review: I don't recommend anyone play the free trial I think that it will make you less likely to play the game. If you are into dungeon content, ran out of content in wow, and don't mind buying all of FF14/xpacks and spending 25$ on a Main Story Quest skip this is a good fit for you. Otherwise skip it… the game is horrible. If you treat it like a pve moba there might be some content to salvage for a nice experience because of the non destructive development. The fact is though that there are free to play games that offer much better experiences, and paid games that offer great experiences.


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