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Final Fantasy XV is the first game I’ve played in the longest time that I’ve rage quit

Content of the article: "Final Fantasy XV is the first game I’ve played in the longest time that I’ve rage quit"

I really tried y'all. I was able to excuse me not knowing what the hell was going on story wise. I ended up just watching some YouTube videos to catch me up on what was going on. I actually thought that the gameplay was fun, and what ultimately kept me going back was grinding through side quests and hunts (I'm really weird in the sense that I actually like the grinding part of RPG's). Plus, it looked like the Platinum trophy would be readily achievable to get so I just pushed through despite some perceived flaws… up to a certain point.

I got to Chapter 10 of the story, and the game just fell flat on its face for me. I have to drag Ignis's ass through this absolutely terrible designed "dungeon". I'm aware that I had a choice on whether or not to bring Ignis with me, but I thought if I did, I would get some sort of award. Apparently not.

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There were two things that made me finally break though.

  1. Invisible walls. I feel like a lot of open world games are phasing out invisible walls, and they're so prevalent here. I would be trying to navigate through an area and would see a low fence that looks like something I can jump over. Nope. Invisible wall. The invisible walls of the Chapter 10 "dungeon" made it 100x more irritating to navigate. Why won't the game let me jump down this small ledge? Why?!?!
  2. Quest marker glitch (I think). So, I would go to the exact place where the quest marker told me to go, but nothing happens. I do this multiple time and still nothing happens. This wasn't the first time this type of thing happened. There were a good number of times this would happen with side quests, but I would let those go since they were just side quests. This was a main story mission though.
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I know it's ironic to say I lost my patience with a game in a subreddit called r/patientgamers, but damn, I just couldn't do it with this game anymore. It really sucks too because all of the other Final Fantasy games I've played through I love or at least really liked (I: Dawn of Souls, VI, VII, VII Remake, X, and XIII).

EDIT: I put in about 50 hours total in the game, so I more than gave it a fair shot.


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