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Finally caught up to PS4

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Took a long time without video games but with everything closed they've crept back to the forefront of my life. It's been a great time to catch up. Some highlights:

The Uncharted Series:

Holy shit. What a series. I haven't had a series grip me like this one in a long time. The first Uncharted is a bit of a slog, rating it at about 72/100 for me personally.

The second Uncharted though, my fucking god. What a game. The cinematic experience, the set pieces, the story, the lightheartedness of it all and the upgrades from the first one are all so significant. 96/100 for me and just an absolutely awesome game.

Leading straight into the third Uncharted was an absolute delight. A game that was similar and just felt like a perfect extension of the second one. Steamrolled through this one with the same fervor as the second. 94/100 again. Just absolutely delightful .

Many will say that the fourth Uncharted is the best one. It made the most of the new hardware. The landscapes and larger open world environments are spectacular. The bright colors and new characters make for an aesthetic and vivid change in experience. As a personal preference, I enjoyed the earlier games, 2 and 3 specifically, because they were more light hearted. But it's understandable that Naughty Dog needed to adapt and inject some heavier themes into the series. For the most part, it stays light hearted and the incredible graphics and set pieces near the end make this an incredible finale for a great game series. 94/100.

The Last of Us (1 and 2)

Same developers, same excellent story driven games. The last of us part 1 is a great, albeit a bit freaky to play in the time of corona, story game. Again, driven by it's dark, tense, emotional yet tender story, the gameplay acts as a fantastic vehicle to guide you through a game that I think definitively proved video games as not just an escapism tool with bright colors, but a very legitimate story telling vehicle. 100/100. The smaller self contained story is incredible from start to finish and worth everyone's time.

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While the second one came with some controversy, it seemed that ND delivered in the similar way they delivered with Uncharted 4. This was one of the games that really made me realize how fucking cool the little things are. The small animations that characters made, the noise, the voice acting, the tiny details in abandoned buildings pull one straight into a world that doesn't feel far from our own. The longer, controversial story which I thought was brilliant didn't bring as much of the hope and was also sadder. An important story with great themes, this incredible sequel comes out to 96/100.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another excellent game. The one big problem that many seem to have with open world games as they get older and busier is the overwhelming amount of just "things" that they need to do. I already have a million things to do in real life, I don't want more "things" to do in video games. Horizon excels for the Patient Gamer because it perfectly hits the balance between being a fantastical, interesting open world with plenty to do that doesn't feel overburden the player with "things" to do. Leveling is rewarding but will never hold you back from progressing the story. As you get further in the story, you're excited to finish but also pleased that you still have areas and missions to do after you finish. The bright colors and lore make this a great buy. 88/100.

Batman Arkham Knight

A great campaign. The main story is gripping and exciting. Also strikes the balance that Horizon does by having plenty to do but not bogging down the game with too much stupid stuff. Besides Riddler trophies which are kind of cool but certainly too many of them but they're not a definitive part of the experience anyway. Always cool to immerse yourself into the world of Gotham. 84/100

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Jedi: Fallen Order

Haven't finished it. The combat is cool but there are a few too many bugs honestly. The story isn't particularly interesting compared to some of the other games. They capture the feeling of Star Wars quite well though and it is a cool game. 77/100 worth a pick up on the cheap but there's a chance it won't grip you too quickly.

God of War

Fucking hell. What a game. A masterpiece. If you haven't played it yet, what are you doing. It's $20 in most places. Go and pick it up and have a blast. An incredible story, cinematic in every sense of the word, with perhaps the most satisfying gameplay of all time. 100/100.

Marvel's Spider Man PS4

My personal favorite. The game that finally motivated me to get a PS4 and rediscover my fondness of video games. A delightful experience that allows one to truly forget about the stresses of the real world while they play it. The only one out of these games that I've platinumed. 100/100.

It's been awesome to dive back into games. This sub has been a great forum for discussion and for finding some older games that I missed out.


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