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Finally Experienced At It’s Max The Controversial ‘Metroid Other M’ , And It Is Not What Many Think

Content of the article: "Finally Experienced At It’s Max The Controversial ‘Metroid Other M’ , And It Is Not What Many Think"

In this journey of living to the fullest every Metroid entry Nintendo has released I have arrived to the infamous of the bunch 'Metroid: Other M', and I am here to share my out of the ordinary adventure I had with this videogame.

This entry Yoshio Sakamoto gave us ten years ago was made in high hopes with the vision of making a heavily story-driven 'Metroid' game that could be seen as a movie but the end results of a big half of this game didn't quite met Sakamoto's expectations. An anticipated game that achieved bad executions, one of the first complaints was all over the changes to our beloved protagonist Samus. Though her voice actor did a good job, the narrative for this game was what made it feel very off, which made many fans dislike the story just by that part on it's own. This was the first time Samus, the mostly silent protagonist, was given a full fledged voice throughout whole Metroid game.

Furthermore, playing this game can be fun and action-packed (a rarely expressed opinion in comparison to the general public) all in a 2.5D perspective for the most part, while also having a very linear story unlike most Metroid games which don't give you objectives and set you off by yourself to explore. This game does contain "Metroidvania" elements but doesn't exactly feel like a proper Metroid game as a whole. In addition, some new combat techniques were introduced and show off satisfying animations (which was further improved in the remake 'Metroid: Samus Returns').

Hatred & jokes towards the game can be seen nearly everywhere in the internet when the game is being the topic, initially coming because of the way the protagonist Samus & her relationship with her ex-commander Adam Malkovich are portrayed. This story also lays out various major plot points which contradict most games before it, for this reason alone, many fans of the franchise disliked such game by how much we are used to having the games with expansive stories that connect together and form a massive timeline.

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Though there are a few things that can be given deep looks and realize that a portion of the plot points shown can fill in gaps near the end of the "canon" timeline, making it considered to be taking place before the chronologically latest installment 'Metroid: Fusion'. Nonetheless, the game essentially wrote itself out of being canon due to refuting key points shown which ignore most of the events in the past, especially the character development getting controversially retconned every now and then.

Thus, this 5-8 hours game can be enjoyed though it's for the better to have low expectations in the story; on the contrary, the gameplay rarely comes close in becoming tedious, meanwhile there are also save points in several nearby spots to help you on the way. And that's not all, the game provides you a quick but challenging post game where you finish off what's left of the story and you are given the freedom to explore and collect your missed items before heading to the main objective, after this you officially finish the game and the results screen show up as most games from the series.

In conclusion, this game took the formula of Metroid into a different route and brought new ideas to the table that are great in concept but unfortunately not executed as expected.

I'll give this one a 6/10 in my personal likings and recommendation for others.


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