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Finally finished Dead Space 1 for the first time and here are my thoughts on the game

I originally bought DS trilogy way back like 2 years ago. Remake of DS1 had me hyped and I was planning to play that but then I saw the devs may change/add new stuff so I decided to play the trilogy now. First things first- the game holds up damn well visually even when its 13 year old and the gameplay is quite good but the mouse controls really annoyed me- tho it got fixed by a mod. Read this whole Isaac-

  1. Gameplay-

The gameplay of Dead Space is quite good all things considered. Plasma Cutter has to be one of the most satisfying weapons to use in a game ( tho Pulse Rifle is the best weapon and its not even close) and the idea of dismembering the limbs and not going for head is quite unique plus stomping never gets old, almost all the weapons are quite good but Pulse Rifle is just a league above everything else. At first I was failing to understand why Isaac keep dying despite me shooting at the head due to my Resident Evil instincts but then I listened to another character hologram and it clicked which brings me to the next thing this game does really well

  1. Presentation-

I loved how everything is presented to you via your suit- no need to pause the game to access the inventory, no cutscenes, no hp bar on top left or bottom right but instead Isaac suit has his hp and it really adds even more to the immersion. Honestly this game HUD management is amazing and I wish more games would’ve adapted this.

  1. Sound Design and the Horror factor-

The game is so good partly because of its excellent sound design. I was walking in an empty corridor- I thought it was empty with no one there but Isaac, suddenly I hear the crunching sound of an necromorph and it gave me almost an heart attack. Several horror games rely on jump scares to scare the players but imo DS excellent use of its sound design elevates the immersion and the feeing of dread even more. This is something I wish Resident Evil and other horror/action-horror games would have used more.

  1. Atmosphere-

Ishimura has to be one of the most scariest and atmospheric location I have ever visited in an game. I was actually scared going place to place because you just never know what is hiding in the dark. Plus you are not playing as some hardened combat guy with military training but a normal guy who is just an engineer with no combat experience- you actually feel the dread navigating Ishimura. Isaac is not a combat specialist and it shows- the way his animation changes throughout the game is superb. I remember at first when I arrived at Ishimura- Isaac posture was straight and then after the shit he goes through- his posture becomes worse and worse plus how he trembles when seeing certain enemies elevates the atmosphere even further more. Tho I didn’t liked how Isaac stays mute throughout the game- sometimes it feels really awkard when he does not speak when he clearly should have said something. Overall the atmosphere in this game has to be the best atmosphere in any horror game aside from silent hills.

Dead Space biggest achievement imo is how it actually uses its sound design and presentation- these 2 things makes the game really good even tho the combat is somewhat mediocre ( fuck the asteroid section) aside from using the plasma cutter. I had a really good and a scary time playing Dead Space and I can see why it is so beloved. Now I am onto Dead Space 2 and it just is superior to the original in every way but maybe it’ll change the further I progress. Overall this game is a masterpiece which still stands the test of time and is worth playing even to this day. Can’t wait to see how the remake turns out.


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