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Finally played Mirror’s Edge Catalyst… I wish I hadn’t

Content of the article: "Finally played Mirror’s Edge Catalyst… I wish I hadn’t"

To put it short – it's probably the worst game I've played in a while.

But ok, let's start with what little good this game has to offer:

  • The city is now more lively. No matter how I enjoyed a feeling of desolation in the first game, I can't deny it was really weird for a futuristic megapolis not to have crowds of pedestrians, lots of traffic, planes, drones, etc. Well Catalyst compensates for that in spades. And although if you look close enough people and cars on the streets look more like cardboard figures, I certainly appreciate the effort.
  • The graphics are nice, if not stellar. Frosbite does its best here. And although I can't say the city looks much better than in the first game, a certain refinement is always nice.

And… That's pretty much it with the upsides. And now to the rest of the game,,,

  • The plot and the characters are written by a five year old. Or so I assume. None of the plot sounds or looks even remotely interesting. None of the characters talk like normal people – everyone just sounds very pretentious and silly. Like all the time. A game with a bad story and uninteresting characters can be enjoyable if the gameplay is good. But unfrotunately that's just not the case with Catalyst.
  • The fighting mechanics is actually worse than in the first game. It sure as hell wasn't perfect in Mirror's Edge 1. But there you could at least grab a gun and shoot all of your opponents in case you couldn't beat them up. Here you can't. The fighting feels very unintuitive and far-fetched. I mean, ok, Faith doesn't carry around guns anymore. But why can't she use a knife, or a club, or at least some brass knuckles?
  • The level design sucks. It just made me appreciate Assassin's Creed games so much more. At least there you didn't risk to fall to your death when you ran to the edge of the roof and sit through a f*cking load screen every damn time just because the creators were too lazy to highlight the roof edges.
  • Runner Vision sucks too. Sometimes it displayed the "right" way for me to go so explicitly I literally felt like a retard who needs to be shown the most simple things multiple times. Other times it just went "eh, screw you. I'm gonna tell you to run off the edge of the roof". Or it wouldn't show at all at some points. Some consistency here, please? All I'm asking for.
  • The collectibles are absolutely pointless. Finding them offers no challenge whatsoever because they're all mostly out in the open. But even more disappointing is the fact that they basically give you nothing aside for some pointless experience points that allow you to unlock things Faith was already capable of doing IN THE FIRST GAME.
  • The missions themselves either feel scripted to death or just downright idiotic. The story missions grant you absolutely zero freedom on how to handle the situation. You either follow a strict path or you die. But side missions are just a stinking pile of stupidity. Fragile deliveries? Seriously? Who in the hell would want to entrust a delivery of some insanely expensive antique vase to a random parkour chick who hops above skyscrapers like a lunatic? This is like the dumbest mission set up I've ever seen.
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I mean, I could go on, but I've already spent way too much time on this game than it deserves. I'd much rather replay the first game multiple times than ever return to this… thing.

3/10. And that's if I'm being generous.


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