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Finally played Wolfenstein: Old Blood – six years after New Order

Content of the article: "Finally played Wolfenstein: Old Blood – six years after New Order"

Played New Order on release, really liked it. However getting to prequel story took me long six years.

So, in short…

The pros:

  • Great art design
  • Good music
  • Awesome voice acting
  • An interesting revision of Wolfenstein's older supernatural elements
  • A powerful statement of the ugliness of war

The cons:

  • Blurry textures
  • Infuriating boss fights
  • Limited arsenal
  • Forced sections

And now, some details. The art design is great, as you've come to except after a gorgeous New Order. That goes for both the town of Wulfburg and the castle itself. The dungeons at the end of the game were kind of a letdown tho. After reading about all those weird things they found down there, it was a little disappointing to actually see nothing but some generic Elder Scrolls-type dungeon. It was short as hell too.

The music is nowhere near as catchy as it was in New Order, but that wasn't the point to begin with. Mick Gordon used mostly a string quartet, which provides some very powerful compositions in the most dramatic moments of the game. The credits song was a real blast too.

Level design is mostly solid, especially in Wulfburg docks where I got almost like a Dark Messiah/Dishonored feel. However I was rather disappointed in the earliest sections of the game, where you have to patiently crawl behind enemies which are much stronger than you are at that point. C'mon, it's the Wolfenstein, not some Splinter Cell! I want to go in all guns blazing, not hide behind corners. That prison section where you have to avoid detection and very slowly turn off the power so that you can take down supersoldiers – that was a real chore to get through.

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The game has two boss fights, which both gave me butthurt, albeit for completely different reason. Jaeger is dealt with in phases during which you have to shoot his coils and then break off his pieces of armor. How can a coil magically recharge after being basically shot to pieces is beyond me, but hey, it's the Wolfestein. My initial desire was just to shoot the hell out of Rudy, except you can't do that – you have to follow the plan strict. I was a little pissed, but once you realize how to deal with him, he's pretty easy.

So, that leads us to the final boss of the game – The Abomination. Keeping my last boss in mind I thought there was no way he can be defeated by just shooting at him. Except… that's exactly how you defeat him. The final boss felt extremely lazy. I thought for a moment that Helga might actually become the FINAL final boss, after turning to a zombie or something, but nope – you take the folder, watch the cutscene and the credits roll.

Overall the game was pretty enjoyable. Jarring at times, but it still had some great moments. 7/10 in my opinion.


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