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Finished AC Unity yesterday and want to talk about it

Content of the article: "Finished AC Unity yesterday and want to talk about it"

So bit of context: I've always wanted to play the AC games, and jumped on a massive PS store discount getting 6 games for 60 bucks (Black Flag through Odyssey) I definitely plan on playing the first five, but since I just dropped 60 bucks I figured I'd jump in the middle. A friend of mine mentioned BF is more "pirate game" esque so I decided to start with Rogue (what a WEIRD intro to the series for me btw lol!!) And I did enjoy the story although I didn't like naval combat and didn't find Shay particularly likeable.

Then I started Unity. HOLY. COW. So so so good!!!! The parkour mechanics weren't always smooth, but I found better than Rogue's at least marginally. The outfits were fantastic. The combat, good lord. SO good!! Instead of button spamming I felt like I actually had to pay attention, which was maddening at first, and as I grew better, so satisfying. Because of the combat I actually had to think going into a largely guarded area cause I knew open combat was often times not a viable option.

I also loved the setting and characters. I didn't pay attention to history in school and now as an adult have come to appreciate it so much more, so I actually learned a lot about the French Revolution. I found Arno to be charming and likeable, and ultimately, human. In the end when Elise dies, you can see the utter emptiness and grief on his face it is an Assassin story but also a love story, and maybe the cheesy romanticist in me loves that. I was actually quite sad to say goodbye to this awesome guy, and wish we had another game with him, though I did enjoy him in Dead Kings. I do plan on reading the book since I learned there was one.

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I'm glad I was patient for this game because I know it was super bugged at release giving it a ton of bad reviews, and the whole 60ish hours I had it bug out maybe twice. I also know a lot of the "1st gen" AC gamers grew to hate the newer games, so by skipping the older games I wonder if I have a perslective they didn't because I'm starting with these ones.

So now I'm on to Syndicate, about 5 hours in. So far, I love Evie and absolutely cannot stand Jacob lol. I feel like he tries too hard to be funny and charming, whereas Arno was straight up charming.

Did you AC fans out there like Unity? How do you feel about Arno and Elise? I've only played Rogue and Unity 100% so no spoilers for anything else please.


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