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Finished Batman: The Telltale Series, and I think I know why telltale went under now

Content of the article: "Finished Batman: The Telltale Series, and I think I know why telltale went under now"

So I got The Wolf Among Us for free on xbox live many years ago, and it made me really fall in love with telltale games. From then on, id regularly get the free telltale games theyd put on xbox live, which i think just consisted of the first 2 seasons of the walking dead, and tales from the borderlands which was maybe my favorite. After these I think was when I heard that telltale was closing up shop. This was super sad, but I was really confused why. Wolf Among Us was amazing, the Walking Dead stuff had a pretty solid story going, and Tales from the Borderlands was a great mix of telltale and borderlands imo. Batman: The Telltale Series was always on my radar. It came for free on Xbox a while ago, but because of 2020 reasons I didnt play it until recently. After playing it, I think I know why.

I know lots of people complained about the illusion of choice, like games would give you a choice and it wouldnt matter much. I didnt see too much of that here I dont think? There was one part that seemed odd, you had to choose whether to save Alfred or save your tech. I only did one walk through but I didnt really see that decision cause much difference in the future? I also messed up slightly with Oswald in this park scene where you're supposed to take him down, but it didnt matter either. Besides that I felt like it was ok in the decisions regard . Instead, what really killed it for me was the game quality

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I feel like telltale really relies on its immersion aspects, considering its pretty much a solely story based game. This game just constantly broke that for me. I remember I encountered a secretary who only had their face load in, the back of her skull and her hair just didnt show up. Sometimes no characters at all would load into the screen, and youd be talking to the void. Load times were crazy long, and I even had a crash, which almost never happens! I had so many issues with this that honestly the biggest memory I took from this game was the bugs. I remember after I beat the walking dead season one I was super anxious to play the second one, and when it came out for free I scooped it and finished it ASAP. With this one though, even though I enjoyed the story (even if i didnt necessarily like what direction it went in), when the second installment came out for free, its still stashed safely in my queue and im moving on to different things.

Thats my experience at least, does anyone else have different experiences with telltale stuff?


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