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Finished Journey (PS3)

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I got this game back when it was given for free. Played for a while, then dropped it and only picked it back up a few hours ago.

My advice would be to definitely get online, regardless of the console you're in, and hope that there is another player online. Having played for a bit while it was free, I was fortunate enough to find another player to share the journey (heh) with me. Sadly the same could not be said of the end game, which would probably have been much more emotional with another player in.

For anybody wondering what this game is all about: the title is literally the whole game. It's a journey. But what is it and what isn't exactly? Summarizing it…

  • you literally just walk, jump and sing, with very simplistic puzzles (not even fair to call them that, too easy). It's an art game, it's more about the experience, feel and message rather than being an actual standard game;

  • there is no voice chat. This is important;

  • not being a standard game, avoid this if you want something that although relaxing, still requires some planning or reflex. This is in the vein of later games like Gris, challenge isn't the point of it. You just sit back and enjoy;

  • music/sound fans will love this game, as well as any cinephiles (not sure if that's how it's written) or people just interested in photography, atmosphere and art direction: this game is damn gorgeous, a feast to the eyes and ears. You will FEEL this game;

  • there are also plenty of spiritual undertones in this. If that ain't your thing, you'll probably not enjoy it either.

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For closure: this game was the first to make me legitimately sad about not having taken advantage of the situation at hand and just power through the rest of the game (it's very short) at the time… Because as a pure single-player experience you just don't get the full picture of it. Playing it by yourself makes for a very pretty, strangely spiritual experience, but there's no such thing as playing through the game blindly and trying to understand whether that guy you just saw is a player or a bot.

Also, not what I'd call game of the year, it'd take more than that for me to give it such a title. It does accomplish what it set out to do very well and is still a very enjoyable experience, so if you have the opportunity to play this game with other players online, do so!


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