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Finished The Walking Season 2

Content of the article: "Finished The Walking Season 2"

I played the first one when it came out. I enjoyed the story then, so It was time I finally continued the story.

I only played two other games from Telltale, TWD Season 1 and The wolf among us. And too be honest I thought those where two superior games.


The story was alright, it felt a little too shallow. I didn't feel any connection with any of the characters. Having no time to get to know them before they where killed off. It would have been so much better if they gave us time to talk more to them, get to know them a little.

And even then, I disliked almost all characters. Acting more like children then Clementine. Feeling like she was the only adult in the group, while she's an eleven year old girl. I know they are trying to go for a story where she needs to grow up sooner then she should an that we are playing as her. Still it felt like she was almost responsible for every decision in the group.

The characters that made it to the last episode, felt like the writers wanted to get rid of as quickly as possible. Probably to start with a clean slate for the next game.

This whole season just felt just a way to insert AJ into Clementine's life as possible.


I feel there is less game play then in the previous game. I remember in season 1 that there where periods where you could walk around area's where the group decided to stop, to look around, solve a puzzle or talk to everyone to get their thoughts. All of this is missing from this game, only in the first episode when trying to get in the house, I felt like you had real control. In the later episodes their are small parts where you can control Clementine and look around but usually you can only check two or three things and can't have real conversations with everyone.

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The action parts, are still good. Needing the reaction time to kill or evade zombies. It brings some variety. They worked good in the previous game, so great to see they didn't change anything about it.

They have added the mouse click and gesture mechanic, it's alright nothing really innovative.


Compared to Season 1 the graphics looked more polished, especially the characters and the inside buildings. I really liked how sharper they looked then before. How they made Clementine look older, and the voice actress made her voice a little bit deeper. Giving the feeling she was really growing up.

The negative where the backgrounds and zombies. When the group is walking, if feels like they are walking on a treadmill with a repeating background. The switch up a little when they go further north but still feels very repetitive. The zombies are little better to understand, budget and stuff easier to make handful of zombie designs and re-use them. It's only really obvious in the herd parts. When I see the same zombie twenty times in the herd it gets really weird. Outside of the herds it was less obvious and didn't bother me.

For me this was the weakest Telltale game I've played. A downgrade from the previous game, and to The Wolf among us that came out in the same year. It was an alright game, not bad not good. Just ok.


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