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First playthrough of Wind Waker (Gamecube edition)

Content of the article: "First playthrough of Wind Waker (Gamecube edition)"

First off, I played OoT and MM when they came out and I absolutely loved them. I didnt touch another Zelda game until BotW, which in my opinion might just be the best game ever made.

All the hype Ive read about Wind Waker, I felt like I owed it to myself and the series to give it a shot. So I picked up a copy for the gamecube and just finished playing it a moment ago.

There's alot to enjoy about Wind Waker. The cell shaded aesthetic is very pretty and fun, it didnt turn me off the way I know it did some people and I really enjoy the sailing and the open world, albeit a pretty obvious prototype of an open world by today's standards. Of course the little side quests are fun and the characters are charming and the music is, as always, beautiful.

Here's where my frustrations start, and I realize many of these were eventually addressed to some degree in the more recent remaster version. The CONSTANT need to re-equip/use specific items – namely the gear for sailing and the means to defend yourself while you're sailing. Between the WW for wind direction, the sail, the cannon, the grapple hook, the boomerang – it is tedious and exhausting. I will say, it's so much better later in game when you get the ballad of gales to fast travel. At least then I dont have to adjust things AS often since the trips are generally shorter. In general combat and during puzzles too, having to incessantly re-adjust what I have equipped just feels antiquated, especially coming off of BotW which to me was seamless in its rune/inventory system. I also really didn't enjoy the Earth and Wind Temples. 99% because they turn characters into cumbersome props. I hate having to navigate the inventory, control the helper character, switch back, move, control them again, on and on and on. It was just exhausting and frustrating. On top of all that, Z targeting and the camera just feel plain bad these days. I will admit that many of these complaints apply to OoT and MM too.

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I think had I played WW when it came out I wouldnt have noticed the things that bother me about it today. But playing it now, by today's standards, these aspects feel terrible. It makes me worry about going back and playing OoT or MM again. That theyll just put a bad taste in my mouth with their dated game mechanics. Anyways, there really is a ton to admire about WW, but for me almost 100% of them are setting and aesthetic.


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