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First post, some quick thoughts on games I played in 2020

Content of the article: "First post, some quick thoughts on games I played in 2020"

Hi, first time posting on this sub. I'd like to give you guys a few rapid thoughts on games I played last year 🙂

Dark Souls – Played this with a friend, which isn't the most common way to play it I suppose. We swapped the controller at each death. Still had a lot of fun playing. We stopped at the bed of chaos boss though which was too frustrating for us. I would still recommend the game though, the genre is very unique and the storytelling as well as the feeling of accomplishment are probably the biggest upsides of the game. Quick disclaimer, the PC version is a very lazy and clunky port which requires a tiny bit of modding but I believe they mostly fixed it in the Remastered release. 4/5

Dishonored – I've rushed the game a little too much so I've kinda missed the point of the game, I suppose, which would be it's replayability. If you like games like Hitman where you can complete levels in a variety of ways, with very different styles of gameplay, this game is probably for you but if you're just looking to get immersed and enjoy the story I'd say it's a little short. 3.5/5

Metro 2033 (Redux) – Very enjoyable in my opinion. If you like linear, immersive games with a hint of horror and supernatural this game is a treat. The apocalyptic setting is very similar to open world games like STALKER and Fallout but with the claustrophobic metro "twist". 4/5

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – I really dig the dystopic setting of the game and the very goofy characters which make the game worth playing by itself. The gunplay is satisfying and I preferred this game over the first one. It's not ground breaking but still a solid experience. 3.5/5

Heavy Rain– I really didn't enjoy this game. The story is alright but the gameplay is just awful, especially with kb+m. The QTEs are unnecessarily annoying and I feel like having an illusion of choice throughout the game, except in a few scenes. Characters animations and cinematics feel like they were way ahead of their time though but still not enough of a redeeming quality to consider it worth playing imo. 2/5

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Yakuza 0 – What an absolute blast I had playing this game!! Can't emphasize that enough! I enjoyed playing it from start to finish and didn't want it to end. This game has everything, humor, emotions, good story, lots of side content. It's really a treat if you like movies like The Godfather and/or the goofy japanese culture, and it switches between both masterfully. The gameplay is a lot of fun though quite a bit repetitive. The characters are very charismatic and well written. Only downside would be the technical aspect of the game. 5/5

Black Mesa – Good game. I'd recommend it if you have played Half-Life back in the day or if you would like to experience what the game was like with updated graphics like me. 4/5

AC Origins – It's alright. Most aspects of the game like gameplay, story, side content etc. is average BUT the world looks insanely good and it really feels like ancient egypt, so if you like it like me, it's definitely worth playing. Otherwise, it's an enjoyable pop corn game. 3.5/5

Half-Life Alyx – I do admit that I wasn't very patient on this one lol. This game is just insanely good, incredible gunplay and immersion but also a very polished and long experience for VR. This game is in fact so polished it made me realize in how shitty of a state most games are released nowadays, unoptimized, with bugs everywhere, etc. This game is definitely my GOTY and one of my best experiences in gaming ever. Too bad other VR games don't even come close to this because VR would definitely be a must have. Played on Oculus Quest with Link by the way. 5/5

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Risk of Rain 2 – I didn't really understand the hype surrounding this game. The gameplay is good but it feels a little too repetitive for me somehow. I haven't enjoyed as much and as long as other roguelikes/lites like Gungeon or FTL but it's still a good game. 3.5/5

Arizona Sunshine (VR game)– I didn't enjoy this game at all and had I played it after Alyx I think would have hated it lol. It really shows how much VR has evolved in the last few years. The game feels outdated and too basic. On top of that I got motion sick a lot playing it… Also I think it's way overpriced when not in sale. 2/5

Cuphead – This is a very good indie game, on par with games like Hotline Miami and with a stunning art direction. Well worth playing and even more fun in coop! 4.5/5

Call of duty: Black Ops – I replayed through the campaign this year and despite being biased by nostalgia I truly think this game has a great plot with charismatic and enjoyable characters on top of nice and varied environments. It does have aged a lot and the gunplay is very average though. 3.5/5

That about concludes the games I've played last year 🙂

A few games I'm looking forward to play/have just started this year: RDR2, Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Katana Zero, A Plague Tale Innocence, Skyrim SE.

If you'd like to reflect on my thoughts or if you have other game suggestions I'd really appreciate it!

EDIT: Sorry in advance if you notice some odd turns of phrase or spelling mistakes, I'm not native.


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