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First time experiencing PS exclusives…wow

Content of the article: "First time experiencing PS exclusives…wow"

I got my PS5 about three weeks ago and this is the playstation i’ve owned since PS1. So the first thing i did was download some of the exclusives and wow i’m blown away. I started with Spiderman MM to see the power of the PS5 and my only gripe was i wanted more! it was a short but fun game and flat out pretty with fun combat.

Then i went to last of us, and jesus it was gripping from the start. for a game that was on PS3! it was fucking beautiful. and that soundtrack is fucking insane.

Last was God of War which i just beat today. DEAR FUCKING LORD! i’ve never played a god of war and i loved it. this is the first time in a long time i have a hankering to try to 100% a game. not gonna lie a tad disappointed that i couldn’t get a 4k 60fps update. but even in 1080p it was jaw dropping. i instantly fell in love with this franchise and so excited for the next one.

i’m so hype to keep going through this backlog of games i’ve never been able to experience. i feel like a kid in a candy store with all these games. i’m thinking about doing days gone or uncharted from start to finish next.

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if you guys have any suggestions for me to play or any sleepers please let me know. I’ve been having a blast with gaming since i got my PS5 i hope you guys are too! happy gaming

Edit: Wow thank you to everyone that commented suggestions and helped out with some of my questions. It feels great to be back, currently downloading Horizon but due to impatience i started up days gone and liking what i’m seeing so far! Like i said this is my first time back on PS in a long time so i have to friends on PS, even though i’ll mainly be playing single player games feel free to PM me your PSN and maybe we can link up.

now enough reddit lets fuckin play


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