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First TLOU2 reviews and now Sponge Bob reviews. I think gaming media and gamers disconnect becomes more clear

As you know there is a huge disperancy between gamers and gaming media on Last of Us 2. Nearly every popular youtuber, streamer and millions of people on their chats, comment sections and also people on social media didn't like the story nd took and the characters they introduce at all. Yet the gaming media rated the game perfect 10/10 and it's literally has better critic scores than likes of skyrim, god of war, witcher 3…etc. I thought maybe this is just for 1 game but the next game arrived really shortly. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. I played around 4 hours so far and the game is simply amazing. I felt the nostalgia in my veins and I enjoy the game and the challenge a lot. But it's nowhere near a 'hard' game. The game currently sits on 9/10 on steam and 9.2 user score on metacritic. Sadly it sits on 67 critic score and it's all thanks to smaller sites otherwise it would be much lower. Major sites gave almost comedical scores. IGN gave it 5/10 because they think it is similar to OG version when the devs supposed to be loyal to OG version in the remaster. How is that negative thing? Gamespot literaly gave it 2/10 and they think the game is too hard. It's a children's game for the love god…

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When I look streamers and a lot of youtubers they seem to more like actual gamers. They like similar things, they hate similar things. But when I see the reviewers, they don't look like your average gamers tbh. When I look their twitters, it's usually full of certain politics rather than the games. They seem to care more about politics and social issues rather than the games. Like when I look at big streamers like Lirik, Sodapoppin, XQC…etC, they look more like your average gamers you see on conventions, social media…etc rather than the blue haired people who puts their gender pronouns on their twitter bios. I don't even go into 'gaming journalist' diffuculty meme. So my question is, why don't streamers review the games? Most of them spend 6 to 12 hours of their time a day on gaming and they interact with gamers all the time. If we do that, wouldn't user and critic score much closer than now?


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