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Flyff Project M, a multiplatform “classic” remake

Flyff is an MMORPG that has been around since 2003. It was very popular since 2005 and developed by Gala Lab but published by gPotato which then sold it to Webzen and now Way2Bit (Bora). I've kept going back to this game because I played it since 2006 and it was the one I've been hooked to for quite a long time. I mainly always went back for the nostalgia. A few days ago I was surprised to see an announcement of a closed beta test for Flyff Project M. It's an official remake of Flyff by a French startup in collaboration with Gala Lab, and is heavily based on the origins of Flyff from v7 so this is pretty much "Flyff Classic" (the official name on release is yet to be determined). This game runs only in web browsers so you can play this on desktops/laptops, or tablets and phones.

It really is amazing to see this running in Google Chrome with no download needed and has brought back the nostalgic experience I've been longing for. It's pretty populated already and I've been enjoying it. If you decide to give it a try, just keep in mind that everything will be wiped after the CBT. The cool thing though is that the cash shop items are free. There's also additional features like the ability to change the theme, fly using motion controls on mobile (make sure you've turned on direction pad in the game options), and a cool cartoon mode that changes the graphics and makes player faces look more anime-like. There's no ETA on how long this closed beta test will run for but give it a try if you remember Flyff or are just curious how it runs in a browser or on mobile and also players will be rewarded at full release for hitting at least level 40 in this closed beta. It'll probably last a few weeks while bugs are hunted, things are tested and feedback and suggestions are received by the dev team.

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Check the website for more information and be sure to read the FAQ. To play, register an account, verify your email and visit the link to the game. Firefox or Chrome is recommended and if you are playing on mobile, turn on direction pad in the game options for the mobile controls.


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