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Follow-up post about Gujian 3. Did anyone buy it? What are your thoughts?

Content of the article: "Follow-up post about Gujian 3. Did anyone buy it? What are your thoughts?"

A short while ago, someone here made a post where they recommended this game. I purchased it shortly after, and have spent 10 hours in the game altogether. I'm hoping to have some conversation with other players about the game who made have tried it like I did.

First of all, the good:

Artwork – The game has just excellent presentation. The characters, music, scenery, cities, just everything is breathtakingly beautiful. I think it may be one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. It's not about photorealism, but about style, and I just love the style of this game.

Story – I'm really enjoying the main plotline. As someone who's never played a Chinese game before, I'm really loving the novel elements of storytelling. The story is interesting, has really dark and frightening imagery, along with beauty. And, perhaps best of all, avoids many of the terrible tropes of JRPGs that I've come to hate. There is no scantily clad giggling girl. That's my favorite.

The less than good:

The first problem for me, which I've really only started to understand, is that this game gives me severe cutscene fatigue. I'm at a section of the game that probably has a 1-2 minute cutscene for every 30 seconds of "gameplay" (walking to some nearby location). I enjoy the story, but this is actually really preventing me from enjoying the game. I think I would prefer if it were JUST a movie at this point, the gameplay isn't actually enhancing the experience. The last 3 sessions of me playing this game have all lasted for less than 15 minutes, because I just lose interest, and the pacing is really killing me.

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Customization: Compared to western RPGs, or even JRPGs, there is very, very little customization to your character. Yes, you gain experience, and yes, you level up. But leveling up (so far) only increases your stats by a bit. You occasionally get "star points" which you put into a very small customizable stat thing. But they really don't change the combat, and there are very few branches.

There is almost no gear customization, either. I imagine every single person who plays this game levels up at the same moments, has the same gear equipped at any given moment (so far, there is only one gear slot and it gives a slight boost to defense, I have upgraded it once).

Trickle of mechanics: The game is still introducing pretty basic mechanics. I played for probably 4-6 hours before I was first able to spend a star point. I was introduced to the card game at probably 5 hours. The OP of the previous post mentioned "city builder", and I haven't seen anything remotely like that, yet. I feel like the gameplay might get quite rich in the next 10 or so hours, but I'm not sure I'll get there. Maybe customization opens up, but I don't know.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Please let me know what your experience has been.

The most enjoyable thing about this game is just looking around at the environments.


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