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FOMO within games ruining my enjoyment

Content of the article: "FOMO within games ruining my enjoyment"

FOMO = Fear of missing out

Equipment and/or easter eggs hidden around the level, which give a boost to stats/abilities are ruining my enjoyment of games.
I am always trying to explore every inch of the map, hugging the walls while walking to find hidden passages and I'm not enjoying myself. I could stop doing that, but after finding some stuff, without which a few of the levels would have been really difficult, I am not sure if that is the correct way to go. I do not want to make the game more difficult because I missed an 'obvious secret'.
This is leading me to watching walkthroughs which reveal all the hidden stuff, so that I can play the game knowing full well that I do not need any of those(or if I need, I go and get them). This is taking away my sense of discovery. So to counter that, I started watching the walkthroughs after I've explored the level myself, but that feels cheaty as well, cause it feels like someone is giving me free handouts.
So why is it that game developers are hiding important stuff in obscure locations? To reward exploration, I'm guessing, but that is having an adverse affect on me.
This problem gets even bigger where the punishment for messing up is higher, i.e., in games like Dark Souls ( If I don't get the hidden Titanite or Estus shards, I'm actively making the game more difficult for myself). If I go wall hugging, I'm ruining my experience and risk the chance of dying and loosing lot of progress.
In games like Skyrim, I end up hoarding stuff which I would never need (That would fill my bag and make me slow, and thus add inventory management element in the game, which is tedious, so I side stepped that by having a mod which lets me carry 1000x the weight).

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So how do I avoid this nagging feeling of not exploring every nook and cranny, while still feeling confident that I can take on the challenge waiting for me down the road, that without getting myself spoiled by walkthroughs and guides. How do you guys deal with this? What is the developer intended way of going about it?
Any games which do the hidden item thing in a way that would suit my playstyle?


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