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For anyone who moved from PlayStation to Xbox this generation. How has your time been on Xbox since switching?

Content of the article: "For anyone who moved from PlayStation to Xbox this generation. How has your time been on Xbox since switching?"

For me it’s been alright. Pretty good.

Weirdly took a while to get used to the controller. Not necessarily the controller and the size but more so the buttons. For example the amount of times a game would tell me to press X and I would press A etc.

Also took a while to get used to the UI. I kept forgetting where certain things are. But apart from these two things. It’s been pretty good.

The capturing during games is great too. Pretty much goes to the app straight away. Save it. Upload to social media etc. It’s great.

I have three years of gamepass ultimate. By buying 3 years of gold and then converting it. Best thing I have done.

For someone who on PlayStation bought an embarrassing amount of games. I’ve bought 3 games. Red dead redemption 2 (£24), fifa 21 (£28) and rise of the tomb raider (£5). I’ve played around 30 games though.

The amount of amazing games on gamepass is amazing. I’ve played so many games that I wouldn’t of bought other wise.

  • A plagues tale.

  • What remains of Edith finch.

Are just two of so many amazing games. I also just finished battle 1 and V and hardline. So yeah. Gamepass is awesome. Also with the studios that they have. I’m hoping for this to continue.

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I think another good thing about gamepass is I don’t have to risk buying things to know if I’m going to like it or not. There has been many games that look great and sound awesome. Reviews on YouTube say they are amazing 8/10 etc.

I start playing and it’s not for me. I haven’t wasted money. Only happened a few times but it’s great to see a game on gamepass that I’ve been wanting to play but held back because I don’t know if I will like it. It just takes the risk out of it.

With the console in general. I’ve had one issue and that was when my console turned off by itself when I was play fifa 21. It turned straight back on and has been fine since. It’s also been quiet. No noise. Silent.

Coming from PlayStation where I have been for 15+ years. Its been a good change. I’m having a good time. I’m saving money. So yeah. It’s all good.

What about you guys that switched from PlayStation to Xbox for this generation. Any issues? Anything you like or don’t like? What do you think of gamepass?


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