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For those who are looking for cheap retro gaming options!

Content of the article: "For those who are looking for cheap retro gaming options!"

If you're into retro gaming but don't want to spend lots of money then these options from Gamer 1985 may be right for you! There are 3 consoles to choose from and all available in HD:

NES Classic Retro Video Game Console

  • 568 Games in an easy to navigate menu – No repeat!
  • HDMI connectivity for Big Screen Play
  • 2 Wireless controllers
  • Classic titles you spent hours playing when younger
  • Easy to transport to your friends’ place – great for parties!

Coolbaby 600 Games Classic Mini NES Retro Console

HDMI NES Video Game Console Version

1 x CoolBaby Mini HD Game Console Built in 600 Games

1 x Micro USB Power Adapter

1 x HDMI Cable

2 x Gamepads

1 x User Manual

AV Output NES Video Game Console Version 1 x CoolBaby AV out Game Console Built in 620 Games 1 x Power Adapter 1 x AV Out Cable 2 x Gamepads 1 x User Manual

3D Pandoras Box Game console

  • 【Pandora Box 3D System】–Our 3D Pandora Arcade Machine comes with the newest 3D system. 3D Pandora offers the users 2260 retro arcade games and 10 PS1 3D experience games (More than any other product). While allowing users to return to the fun of childhood, Arcade Console 3D also provides users with the opportunity to experience modern games
  • 【FULL HD Pandoras Box】–Compatible with all HD TV screen and PC. With 1080×720 HDMI/VGA full definition output, the resolution of output will be larger than the other version of the arcade game machine. These new technologies from our Arcade Console HDMI will bring you a wonderful audio-visual experience.
  • 【Arcade Box Feature】–Double stick for 2 players, equip with multi buttons (each 800,000 use time, sensitive). Built-in clear speaker, volume adjustable. Support 1980*1080 HD audio & video display. 110V US plug input. Pandora Box 6 applies the latest user interface (UI). give the users better gaming experience.
  • 【Game Box Functions】–Storage game data, Pause game, Fast loading time, Search, Save, 3-Minute auto back function. With acrylic panel, metal base, high-tech mainboard, chips, and hardware, the built-in 2400 classic games console will give you a cool arcade experience.
  • 【Excellent Design】–Ultra slim all-metal body with 6 buttons design, these fashion design make this pandora box become an attractive gift. The built-in speaker could adapt to more use of the scene, making this pandora box arcade console more convenient. A cooling fan is added in the arcade game machine for fast cooling 2400 in 1 Video Games, Arcade Game Console, Double Players
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2400Â in 1 Video Games, Arcade Game Console, Double Players

**APPLICATION:**Â This game console can be connected to the TV, PC, Desktop, Laptop, LCD screen, Arcade machines, Old-style display, whose resolution is up to 1080*720.

**How to Choose HDMI/VGA on Connecting?**Â – HDMI Cable: Connect TV, home display screen. – VGA Cable: Connect PC screen on desktop, arcade. – USB Cable: Connect PC, Laptop, etc. (Please choose HDMI, VGA, USB connecting according to the different electronic devices.)

**FEATURE:**Â Built-in 2400Â classic games, cool arcade experience. High-tech mainboard, chips, hardware. Support 1080*720 HD audio & video display. Built-in clear speaker, volume adjustable. Double sticks for 2 players, equipped with 14 buttons(each 800,000 use time, sensitive). Connect to TV/PC/Arcade through HDMI or VGA output and cable. Provide USB 2.0 high-speed cable to connect tablet PC directly. Adjustable coin insert or free play mode, suitable for home and commercial. Functions: Store game data, pause game, fast loading time, 3-minute auto back function. Aluminum CPU fan, good heat-dissipation capacity & long-term service.

**NOTE:**Â Avoid direct contact of fire, water, direct sunlight. Don't let liquid flow/pour into the product. Don't pull out the main lines forcefully. Don't use corrosive liquid to wipe the product surface; Don't dismantle the product by yourself

**SPECIFICATIONS:**Â Material: Acrylic panel + Metal base Plug: 110V US Plug User Interface: HDMI, VGA, USB Modes Select: Coin Insert; Free Play Suit for: LCD TV, PC, Laptop, Desktop, Arcade machine Product Size: 25 * 8.5 * 2.3"(L * W * H)

WHAT YOU GETÂ 1 x Arcade Game Console 1 x VGA Cable 1 x 3M HDMI Cable 1 x 3M USB Cable 1 x US Plug Wire 1 x 12V Adapter 1 x User Manual 2 x Buttons

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