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For what it’s worth, advice against ubi connect in general, and Far Cry 6 specifically

I purchased this game a few days ago, having to re-install the ubi connect software for the first time on this windows build after not playing the South Park games I purchased a couple years ago when the 2nd game came out… since the 2nd game came out.

Firstly, I have to say. Ubisoft Connect is HORRIBLE. For reasons I will get into, I had to restart my computer multiple times today to uninstall/reinstall drivers. Every. Single. Time that I did this and tried to run the game, blue spinning wheel of death for eternity, the only fix was to download the installer, uninstall manually, reinstall and then log back in with email and password.

Every. Single. Time. So when I say I had to restart, this was what I actually mean I had to do.

Anyway, game ran fine (I say fine, sometimes the dialogue would drop out in cutscenes, making for some funny drop in lines and silence otherwise, and I did have one CTD early on after alt tabbing more than a few times to change the youtube video on screen 2 while I played, and had a mission softlock but work after re-loading, but otherwise played for hours with no other problems) for 2 or 3 days, I had got maybe somewhere into the last half of the story maybe? Had to go and rescue some guy from some place. We'll get into the groundhog day of that shortly.

So today windows had an update for me… awesome, that never breaks anything. I also noticed a driver update for RTX a few days ago but hadn't installed it yet, so I did that and on the restart for the RTX install, windows also decided to do the updates.

Windows loads fine, I think my desktop crashed and re-loaded once, but that's about it, and it hasn't done that since.

Started up the game and played for 5 minutes… CTD.

Started up again, 5 minutes, CTD.

Since then I have contacted support multiple times and sent them dxdiag and sysinfo logs, the suggestions were reasonable at first, reinstall this and revert that etc. Of course requiring a "restart" (see above) after every change. I reverted the winblows update and the rtx driver and let them re-install from fresh downloads. Same deal every time.

I also reverted the RTX driver to the one from earlier today, and "restarted" with no change.

While testing, I managed to get from the camp to the start of whatever mission was highlighted at the time. I don't know the name of it, but I know where every single soldier is placed and how to headshot them in the right order so only the last 2 ever even know anyone died before it's their turn, I have played this mission at least 20 times now, at least the first 5 minutes. I kill 5 guys, run in and skip the cutscene that tells me the guy wants medical supplies from the next building over, go get them (I have learned that setting off an explosive at the front gate draws out the guards and I can simply run around the side and grab what I need, then chuck a grenade to make them turn back into the place and run back out), get his medical supplies back and start defending against the army that turns up.

This has softlocked once where I finished off the guys on one side of the building and the "dani, east side" prompt never came, so I stood there a while and waited for the crash, other than that I have never got past this mission because before the soldier timer runs out the game will crash.

After the support was kinda helpful, I went back and told them I tried everything on the list and then some. No cha cha.

Their suggestion was to mess with my DPI settings, thereby making text unreadable, and then to turn off my multi monitor settings. I mean, streamers must be ecstatic with this game! I have a giant 4K 120hz tv as the main, and 2 smaller screens below it. I'm used to it now, it's never been a problem with literally any other game, and the DPI settings have been the same since I got the TV.

I promptly uninstalled the game and launcher and asked for a refund as I am done with hours of troubleshooting. I do enough of that at work for other people.

I told them straight up that if they do a Steam release, I'll probably buy again, but I doubt that will happen. As I said to the support guy, through this whole ordeal, steam just keeps chugging along like always, no weird having to reinstall it on EVERY RESTART just to run a game and my Steam library all still runs just fine.

Waiting on the refund decision now. I doubt they would deny it after so much grief trying to fix a simple CTD today, at least, I'll be taking them to the ACCC if they don't.

I hope this essay provides a warning to all against installing Ubisoft Connect because they force you to do so just to play one of their games. Think again, it's broken and I don't think they particularly care. The support people seemed to completely gloss over the fact that it needed a reinstall on EVERY RESTART, I need to say that 10 more times to give you the full annoyance of that fact. I won't, but I need to.

Stay away from Ubisoft. If you want to keep your sanity. The game is pretty repetitive and not much new anyway, the gun physics are pretty good (for fun game physics, not in any way real life, just to be clear) and it looks good. That's about it.



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