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Found some treasures, wanted to share their story.

I wanted to share a story with y'all and see if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who might appreciate some treasures I have just sitting in a box. Sorry this is so long. It's definitely worth the read though! I'll post pics over on r/StarCraft.

First a little back story. My husband has worked in the video games industry for over a decade in Orange County, CA. My brother is also in the games industry, currently based in Austin, TX. But back in the day, from '97-2005 my brother was a software engineer for Blizzard. He was one of the initial 8 team members on the WoW dev team and was essential for helping vanilla WoW meet it's ship date and several make it or break it patches. In the years since my brother has left Blizzard. But it's always been very common for us to go over to his house to visit and have him give us random toys or such saying "hold onto that and it will probably be worth something some day".

Well, we just moved and came across some of that stuff. We have 3 bags of StarCraft pewter miniatures; they're labeled "Zerg", "Protoss", and "Human". We looked them up online and only found one article about them. That article can be found here:

The article didn't really help us much in terms of figuring out how special these things are. So my husband began asking around his network of industry people. Eventually he was put into contact with Jessica Taylor who works as an archivist at Blizzard's vault here in OC. Blizzard's archivist confirmed these were a prototype that never went into production. She said according to the vault's records they know there was a very limited number of these prototypes created, "like less than 3-5". Blizzard has a full set of these minis in their vault, along with the molds (she sent pics, theirs are in the exact same bag with the exact same label as ours). She explained "we are only aware of 3 for sure still in existence and one was with a former Blizz employee".

So one could deduce that my brother is that "former Blizz employee" and now I'm realizing I've got something pretty special here. But it gets better…

My brother isn't just some random Blizzard employee. His last name, and my maiden name, is Martin. As in Martin Fury and Martin Thunder (aka Martin's Broken Staff). Any longtime WoW player probably remembers the Martin Fury scandal in 2009. If you're not familiar with it, it was basically a GM that made a huge mistake and a player that exploited that mistake to the point where his entire guild was banned short term and he was banned permanently. You can look it up if you want. It's pretty surreal that I use to watch my brother using that artifact in testing then it went on to gain infamy. My brother didn't have anything to do with the "scandal", he had moved on from Blizzard four years before that happened. I guess after he left, his testing gear somehow ended up in the wrong hands. Here's some info on those items with links to everything that went down:

So that bring me back to today. Where I've got a box of "EXTREMELY rare" miniatures (according to Blizzard's archivist), that I don't appreciate nearly as much as they should be appreciated; especially considering the infamous employee that owned them. I'm not sure what exactly we're gonna do with them at this point, but I at least wanted to share the story with some peeps who would appreciate it. If you know of any collectors that would cherish and take care of these guys better than me please point me in their direction! My husband's friend said Blizz might try to buy them from us themselves (this has all gone down in the last week or so), but idk how I feel about Blizzard owning them over a super fan and collector. So I'm really hoping there's someone out there looking for these guys and I can make a love connection.

If not it's at least a fun story to tell (◠‿◕).

TL;DR I've got some really rare StarCraft miniatures that were owned by the one and only Martin of the Martin Fury scandal and I'd love to re-home them to someone who will appreciate them more than me!!


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