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Four stages of evolution of player’s mentality in mmorpgs

Im writing this post after investigations in the ugly world of mmos, I want to show what players should do to reach "enlighenment" and become an extraordinary player.

Also rememeber that fourth stage doesnt apply to those mmos that are normal games instead of sources of mental labor for powerful mages from other dimension

First stage – deep sleep

In this stage we have average mmorpg players, those who dont question the system, and put many boring hours into exping their character. their progress in game is slow and boring, however that doesnt mean that they cant reach higher levels. They are the primary source of income for overlords, and they dont pose any threat to the system

Second stage – light sleep

Players in this stage are more clever than in previous stage, and decide to do some tricks. Instead of mindless grinding they prefer to use bots, earn large money from trading, or set up scams. Their gameplay is faster and funnier, admins try to get rid of them.

Third stage – waking up

Third stage is where the magic begins, player on this stage knows that the game isnt just a normal game. Player on this stage can break artifical restrictions set up by admins, for example level requirment for items, and knows that simple tricks often work the best – if the mmorpg is in browser, he can click "inspect element" on his level or gold and change it. If game has console, he will simply write "give me money" and it will happen. Third stage players are anti-system and the system tries to eliminate them at all costs.

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Fourth stage – awake

In this stage is completely free from the game interface, and sees the world like it really is, can do everything his character can do, unrestricted by any interfaces or blockades. The world looks like it has real life graphics, and one can see many new things related to unlawful occupation of the world by mages. Player can for example defecate in the middle of the town, or try to escape from the gaint prison into the ruler's lands. Fourth stage player can, and should spread his knowledge and start a revolution.

I recommend moving up this hierarchy and breaking the matrix.


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