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Fracked is awesome

Played through the demo and I loved it.

The graphics look clean thanks to its cartoony aesthetic and the color palette is very pleasing to the eye. I played it on the Pro but the game uses dynamic resolution so it's gonna look even better on PS5.

It opens with a skiing section where you're trying to outpace an avalanche that's coming after you. Skiing fast downhill, jumping and dropping from big heights gave me a proper adrenaline feeling, way better than the likes of "Rush VR".

The game only supports Moves and uses full locomotion. The cover mechanics work great. When you take cover you can pop in and out, move around it but you're never stuck to it.

The way you reload is unique to this game, you don't have to reach for a magazine, it's already hanging from the gun, you just push it in and pull the slider. The result is faster and more effective reloading that still feels satisfying. I wish the weapon holstering would work like in Blood & Truth instead of pressing a button but then again I'm not sure if you even need to holster at all considering the weapon automatically disappears from your hand whenever you interact with an object.

The shooting is decent. I played it on medium without the laser pointer, which is present on easy difficulty. I actually think the game gameplay would benefit from having a laser pointer and the devs would need to balance it in some other way. Right now it feels like you're playing an FPS without a crosshair, as this isn't a realistic game where you'd use an iron sight to aim. Still I wasn't having too much trouble hitting stuff. For some reason the game gives you wallhack instead: you can clearly see enemy outlines through the walls when engaged in combat, which is convenient but also feels like cheating. I wonder if that ability will be somehow explained in the story.

At first I tried to loot bodies for weapons and ammo but then I had to smile when I saw big ammo boxes fall out of enemies after I killed them. It reminded me of 90s FPS games and it didn't look out of place in this game that uses comic book graphics.

The enemies are dumb, they don't use cover and just rush at you. I only noticed two enemy types in the demo and by the end of it, the repetitive combat was already getting old. So that's the thing I'm worried about the most. I imagine they will solve it with more enemy variety, puzzles and skiing parts between the combat sections.

The climbing is OK but sometimes it seems like you're standing completely still and you're pulling the world around you instead. It could maybe be solved with physics strength simulation that would make your arm drop when hanging from certain objects but that would be pretty difficult to implement I guess.

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and it's going to be a day 1 buy for me. It's nice to have a good PSVR exclusive to look forward to again.


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