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Freedom Fighters: a squad based shooter that is desperate for a sequel.

Content of the article: "Freedom Fighters: a squad based shooter that is desperate for a sequel."

SO! Freedom Fighters is a third person shooter that originally released in 2003, developed by IO Interactive (known for the Hitman games) that focuses on the liberation of New York from Soviet rule. The reason I'm making this post is because the game was recently re-released this week on Steam and the Epic games store. While IOI seemed to have forgotten about Freedom Fighters, I sure as hell haven't.

I think I finished this game about 20 times on the Gamecube, and I finished it again this week.


The story is pretty basic, tbh. Russia invades the U.S., and of course it's up to you, the player, to tell them fuckin ruskies to get out. There are some interesting twists and turns, so it's actually kinda interesting, but if you've seen one medium about a US invasion, you will probably be able to guess what's coming. It's just compelling enough to keep you going.


It was amazing, and is honestly slightly dated now. Things have come a long way in third person shooters since 2003, in both shooting and in AI. But it's still a god damn good time, nothing is broken or offensive.

For an overview, the gameplay loop is: Go to the resistance base, pick a location, go there and raise the good ol Stars and Stripes, repeat. Along the way you gain charisma points which eventually allow you to have more fighters fight under your command.

It's… basic in its gameplay. You cant take cover, squad commands are about as simple as they come, and enemy AI are dumb af.

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BUT. it has some cool things going on. things you do on one map will influence what happens on others. Very early one, you have to go to the police HQ to see that they're pinned down by snipers from the gas station. They give you some C4. Take that C4 to the Post office map, and you can destroy that gas station, giving you an advantage on the police station map.

Controlling your freedom fighters are fun, and at the end youre rolling with a party of like 8 dudes and tbh it really adds to the scope of the conflict, even if your team spends a lot of the time not shooting at anything.

Overall, the shooting and weapons is serviceable, the AI commands are pretty neat, and each mission is tailored and short enough to be enjoyable.


It's fine. the voice acting is cringworthy in a very 2003 way, and guns sound okay with literally no regard to where you are. The soundtrack, though, is absolutely AMAZING. Better than it has any right to be.


Good for the time, obviously a little dated now. Something cool that happens visually is that as you progress through the game, both your character and the resistance in general slowly get bigger and stronger. You start in some overalls, and by the end youre in full body armor with American flags everywhere they can be


Fantastic. Don't have much else to say about it other than I thought it was a remaster it runs so well on modern hardware. Unfortunately it doesn't have any of the multiplayer, which is a MASSIVE bummer.

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It's dated on paper. But it is such an outstanding game that I almost feel as if–if you have have even a passing interest in third person shooters–you should for sure check it out. I HOPE, hope beyond hope, that this getting released in PC is IOI testing the waters for a sequel or a remake.


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