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Further observations from a PSVR newbie!

Content of the article: "Further observations from a PSVR newbie!"

Hi guys, hope you're well! I'm the one who wrote about sitting in the cart in Skyrim for the first time and having my mind blown the other day…back with further observations on this magnificent piece of technology! 1/ Whoever said to stand rather than sit – that has been a game changer (literally) Skyrim went up yet another level by doing that – and if you have a Pro and are worried about graphical fidelity, don't be – it looks superb. Really, truly special – although I don't know if I'll be able to complete all 150 hours of it! Perfect in bursts, though. 2/ Superhot is absolutely incredible. I flinch every time I take a bullet! First game that's really made me understand that the PSVR knows where your body is, rather than just your hands and face. 3/ This may be controversial, but I find Doom VFR GROSSLY underrated! It took a few moments for me to get used to the Move controllers and once I did, it was amazing – the first game that's made me spin 360 degrees and really feel as if I'm in the space station, rather than my living room! (I'm so green when it comes to VR that I thought you constantly had to hold the wands up in front of you so they'd register…never thought it was possible to play 360 degrees!) I really like this game, ad I got it for 5 pounds! 4/ I had a brief go on Everybody's Golf. It was more punishing than Doom….I'd imagine if you can actually play golf though, it'd be amazing! To conclude – I'm really thoroughly enjoying my time with it, and it really was worth every penny – even if I were to just play these few games over and over! It helps if you are renting your own space and are currently single (to be honest once I broke up with my ex, it was the first thing I bought….!) If you're lurking on the sub wondering whether or not you should pick one up, do so without hesitation. What really confuses me is that it still seems niche!? Why isn't everyone obsessed with it – it makes normal 2D computer games seem so quaint and archaic in comparison. Plenty more adventures to come! Enjoy your evening, everyone m/

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