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Galaxies of Eden – Indie Social MMORPG

Hi everyone!

We would like to thank to r/mmorpg and u/proto_bear for this opportunity to share Galaxies of Eden with you.

I'm the lead developer of Galaxies of Eden (a.k.a Alkan from our Discord community) and I would like to introduce Galaxies of Eden to r/mmorpg


Although all MMORPGs are social to some extend, Galaxies of Eden strives to be the most social MMORPG on the market.

In most MMORPGs, your character is an anonymous avatar, or a common "hero" just like the thousands of other players. You do the same quests, you fight monsters, you get better gear, you become stronger. But there's no genuine connection between the avatar and the game world. Your presence in the game does not affect the day-to-day life of the game world. On top of that, there are limited opportunities for players to socialize with each other, which reduces the overall sense of community.

In our opinion, this wasn't the case with the first-generation of MMORPGs. They provided a more immersive social gameplay, allowed players to influence the day-to-day life of the virtual universe. We want to return back to the roots of the genre with Galaxies of Eden.

In Galaxies of Eden, we want to create a MMORPG where your character will be a living being that is part of the virtual universe. We want players to be capable of influencing the game world through their actions and relationships with each other.

Our primary goal is to create the most social MMORPG by focusing on community-based gameplay and unique player-to-player interactions. Thus, every design decision is taken with this goal in mind.

To make this happen, we are focusing on the following core features:

  • Interdependent Gameplay Styles (Adventurer, Industrialist, Artist)
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Open World Housing
  • Server vs Server Warfare

Interdependent Gameplay Styles

We believe more interdependency between players creates better social experiences.

To this end, we designed three vastly different gameplay styles that depend on each other:


  • Achieve glory and riches by using combat skills.
  • Venture off into dangerous missions and dungeons.
  • Gather Crafting Components and Item Slots.

Action Mode Combat


  • Build your interplanetary trading empire.
  • Continuously supply weapons, armor, structures, vehicles to your community.
  • Open a shopping mall and employ vendors to sell your wares.

Industrialist Trailer


  • Earn fame and fortune by crafting unique performances.
  • Enter into advertisement contracts with other players.
  • Enhance abilities of other players.

Performance Crafting

One major problem with different gameplay styles is that they require vastly different control schemes!

To solve this issue, we implemented Action/Social Mode selection to Galaxies of Eden.

Action Mode plays like a regular TPS game with weapon recoil and spread. Whereas, Social Mode plays like a classic MMORPG, it is intended for Industrialist and Artist gameplay styles.

We will limit the combat to Action Mode, and let players select their primary control scheme for all other encounters.

We hope that this control scheme will make Galaxies of Eden a truly fun game for social and combat oriented players alike.

Player Driven Economy

There are no looted items in Galaxies of Eden with the exception of Crafting Components and Item Slots.

Therefore, entire economy is player driven, every player requires gear directly crafted by the Industrialists.

Crafting Interface

All gear will have durability, and eventually wear out – meaning players will want to revisit their favorite Industrialists from time to time to replenish.

Moreover, there is no global auction house!

Galaxies of Eden employs a Favorite Vendor system where players can only see the item pricing/stats of their Favorite Vendors.

Industrialists will have to enter into automated Advertisement Contracts with Artists to advertise their vendors, so that other players can learn/favorite them.

Advertisement Contracts are not just limited to vendors, you can also let Artists advertise events/communities or anything else imaginable!

Open World Housing

We want players to have a personal connection to their own communities and the game world.

For this reason, we implemented an open world housing system to Galaxies of Eden.

Open World Housing

Players can also build cities. There is only a single NPC city per planet. Hence, Player Cities will take the rest of the spots.

Player Cities

Player Cities will have better stats compared to NPC cities and provide various bonuses to their citizens. Thus, we expect most of the players to actually spend time on developing their own player cities.

New players will also have the option to start in a Player City! We hope this will motivate communities to compete for new players, which will in turn create a better experience for the newbies.

Server vs Server Warfare

What better way to foster community bonding than attacking a common enemy!

Seasonal Server vs Server Warfare is the main end-game content of the Galaxies of Eden.

Diplomats can get elected to their server's Galactic Council and direct the war effort.

Seasonal rewards will include emotes, emojis, and cosmetics.

Although most of the seasonal rewards will be available throughout the event, final reward is only given to the winning server.

Thus, we are hoping that this system will create maximum amount of drama between servers!

Additional Features

Galaxies of Eden is complex and we haven't mentioned all the features we've developed. We would like to summarize some of them here:

  • Loadout System: Combine different skills and create the exact gameplay style you want. Switch to different Loadouts as needed.
  • PVE & PVP Effectiveness: All of the abilities separated at PVE and PVP level. We won't have to nerf PVE abilities to balance the PVP.
  • Crafter's Motto: A highly skilled Industrialist will be able to put their personal touch on every item they make by engraving their motto on the crafted items.
  • Performance Crafting: Craft unique performances through an in-game mini animation editor and share them with your audience.
  • Advertisement Contracts: Write your advertisement text, enter the cost per impression (CPI), and let Artists advertise the automated contract.
  • Passive Skills: Time-trained skills that unlock additional abilities.
  • Diplomacy: Players with required passive skill will be able to get elected to Galactic Council and lead their servers throughout the Galactic Warfare.
  • Character Customization: Utilize more than hundred parameters and create the avatar of your dreams.

Most of these features are explained in detail through our development blog posts:

We also got a short FAQ about common questions about gameplay mechanics:

Core Tech

Galaxies of Eden is built with Unreal Engine 4 on the client-side and MIR Server Engine on the server-side.

MIR Server Engine is our secondary product that we are co-developing with Galaxies of Eden. It is a general purpose server engine to quickly build distributed systems that are easily scalable. Although it is not specific to MMOs, it is highly modular and we will release the core MMO modules to developers with a revenue share agreement. We hope that it will be a viable choice for other developers to build their own virtual worlds.

We are also heavily utilizing Houdini for our algorithmic art pipeline.


Galaxies of Eden is currently in the early stages of development. We hope to start public Pre-Alpha tests in 2022.

  • Public Pre-Alpha: First quarter of 2022.
  • Alpha: Second Quarter of 2022.
  • Beta: TBD
  • Release: TBD

We will also start pursuing institutional investors once public Pre-Alpha is ready. We hope to replace all third party store assets with our own art work once we secure a funding deal. Hence, current art direction you see from trailers might vastly change in future.


Thank you for stopping by and checking us out! I'll stay active on this page to answer any questions you may have.

We deliberately cut the amount of information shown for the introduction, actually there is a lot to speak about Galaxies of Eden but we didn't want to bore you with the details =P So feel free to ask any questions you got and I'll try my best to answer!

I'm also answering development questions daily at our Discord community.


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