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Game developer here: We’re making an NFT game and here’s my perspective on the up and down sides of the tech side of things.

This is not an advertisement for our game or a call to action to buy expensive shit you don't need.

There is a lot of negative backlash from gamers all over the place, the mainstream doesn't have to made their minds yet. I'll try to explain why I decided to go this route.

Pros: 1. There's a bunch of money in this space. Do not ignore this! I'm an indie developer and have been making games for years, demos here and there, trying to pitch to publishers, trying to get people interested enough for a kickstarter, etc. I'm not sure how much you as a reader know about these things, but publishers take like 1% of games showed to them and the terms are usually cutthroat. For kickstarters it's a similar story, sounds like it's super easy just upload the project and wait for the money, if it's cool people will flock. No! The marketing you have to do is half a year of preparation, as well as super time demanding or expensive. You'll need to get lucky on the algorithm machine or have half a marketing degree. I know so many friends of mine who went this route and got like 10k for half a years worth of work. And this is not game development work, this is supposed to pay for the development afterwards, it's supposed to enable you to work on the game fulltime. Well, for most cases it's not enough. Bigger projects with a whole team are sometimes more successful if they have a person dedicated to marketing. I know two friends who participated in games who got like 100k+ which is already a start, but still a low amount for most development. These teams usually don't even get to that stage, they make a half finished prototype and fall apart after like a month or two because they are working for free because they're not getting paid until the kickstarter succeeds or you get funded by an investor…

Well. That's the current state of things. I'm an indie developer, I'm dedicated, I'm willing to spend so much time extra working on these games and everything around it. I'm even willing to sacrifice my social life and freetime. If I feel stressed out I do easy and fun work to "relax" haha. It's not like it's not fun you know?? Nonetheless. It's really not worth it in the long run and you won't be able to make it. Everyone tells you not to do it if you're not intrinsically motivated. Well… I'm glad to say I've been working with a full team of 3d artists, Programmers, etc for half a year now, we instantly got funding, so many people contacting us all the time asking us if we're interested in a business partnership, offers left and right. Like some of them are scams, true everyone here is just as cutthroat as normally, but they're willing to throw money at us because we're using "NFTs". Like I don't give a shit what tech we're using, the game is still gonna be the same, I'm making my dream game here, it's gonna be awesome! The NFT tech literally is about equally as much work to implement as a normal system. The debate at this point is more like arguing about game engines. Like who cares? As long as it does it's job you can make your game. And there have been enough good games done with unity as well as Unreal to prove it. I guess there haven't been enough good NFT games yet, but I'm telling you the NFT tech is way less impactful on the actual gameplay than you'd think, there's gonna be good games. And developers are gonna notice that this is like the next kickstarter and there's going to be projects like Undertale coming out of it which couldn't have been made otherwise. Not even a controversial opinion or daydreaming or anything, just more indie developers should be aware of these opportunities and it's going to be awesome.

  1. I honestly thought that this would be the main argument, but in the recent months something happened that really made me appreciate that we went this way. We recently became victims of the log4j vulnerability… You may have heard about it on the news, but basically the entire internet was going crazy for a while until everyone fixed it. Basically allowed almost anyone to remotely execute code on any server using java. Our entire database got encrypted and we were devastated. The hacker wanted quite a large sum of money (ofc also transferred through crypto lmao) and we couldn't do it. Well… for any other game like let's say WoW, players would have been devastated! Like 12 years of work just down the drain. You know what I'm talking about, people would be rioting and going on the streets. Well, what essentially happened for us was that we almost saved no data in the first place. We just fixed the vulnerability, set everything up again and asked players to make a new account and link their wallet, minor inconvenience and everyone had their items. This obviously hasn't happened a lot in gaming history, but I personally was quite impressed. And it's definitely cool.

  2. Metaverse… so many articles, people almost get tired of it. But consider this: Articles-> Marketing. We basically get free marketing, because people think that NFTs means metaverse. Never underestimate the importance of marketing for your game! Are we the metaverse? Idk you tell me. Does anyone even know what it is? It's like people a decade talking about "The Cloud" ominously and now everyone just uses it as what it is. But if you were able to be something something cloud you'd get a free article for you. Thank you journalists! Seriously though, it's a good opportunity to get some eyes on your game.

Cons: 1. Everyone thinks you're trying to scam them, rolls your eyes at your game without even having given it half a chance and hate it for some technology it's using. Luckily there's enough people in the crypto space willing to buy the product, etc so it's not that much of a negative. At the end of the day we will do good in our niche, I'm pretty sure. But to be honest it saddens me that my game won't be played by those who I made it for. It's like a cute tamagotchi style game with some PvP elements, and I'm like 90% sure that the target audience is more like the age of my smallest siblings, 10-15. While most of our customers are definitely not that. Tbh most of them don't even seem to care about the game, we can look at the numbers how many of our NFTs got used in the game and some of them just get traded around, but don't even end up in the game like wtf. I guess it's like pokemon cards people that don't even play the game and just like the shiny cards I guess(?) Anyways, I'm thinking of making a non NFT version of the game, because honestly it's just sad. I don't think we reached the audience that the game is made for and I'm not even sure how many people are actually enjoying it. But just be aware that in the end all the negative attitudes gamers had didn't really affect our sales at all, since it wasn't the people we were selling to.

  1. Literally the amount of scams in this space… like omg leave me alone. We lost 150$ once because someone in our team was uncareful. You do not want to see how many discord notifications I have, it's literally stopped counting but from the rate at which it goes I'm sure it must be in the 15 hundreds or so. I made a separate account just for important stuff. Same goes for every other social media. Sometimes it's easy to ignore, sometimes obnoxious. We need to be super careful that people asking for advice on our discord server regarding any crypto stuff, that they don't get scammed by people pretending to be us. We had to make a custom bot for it and I'm not sure if people are still getting scammed. Anyways… really annoying and makes it so much harder to just do your work. Everyone instantly thinks you're a scammer as well, which isn't nice and actually quite damaging for the reputation of the company.

  2. People don't know how to use new technology… I won't start to like blame them or talk down on them. I personally have issues with using social media all the time because I'm not that familiar with it. And some are just native to it. But honestly it's disheartening how much support work we have to do, helping users set up their wallets etc. We get like multiple emails a week claiming we scammed them because they can't see their items. It's literally not our fault that you can't see them. I can see them just fine, I can send you a link to a blockchain explorer proving to you that everyone else can see that you own it as well. But there's no point in being annoyed, so you just repeat the same things over and over again. "Hey, you need to use this wallet, then export your key and import it, connect the wallet with your user account in the game and then you'll be just fine"

I'm sure it's going to be a non issue in the future and wallets will be like emails or whatever, but right now I'm getting flashbacks to teaching my grandma how to create an online account, which is literally the most basic and straightforward thing you can do.


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