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Games I played in 2019, time played, and their ratings.

Content of the article: "Games I played in 2019, time played, and their ratings."

I'm just gonna do a lockdown edition. There's alot here I went full loser in 2020, only games I haven't played before. In somewhat alphabetical order:

Age of Empires II: Definitive – 26 hours – 8.5/10 – Very good:

I can't believe I enjoyed this game as much as I did. Old RTS with a very satisfying gameplay loop and amazing sound design. Campaigns are okay. Something extremely cool about base building here.

Assassin's Creed Origins – 41 hours – 5/10 – Average:

This game was kind of disappointing, an ocean that is ankle deep. Pyramid exploring and reading lore was my excitement here.

Bioshock RM – 17 hours – 7.5/10 – Good:

This game was great but you can feel it's age. It has some memorable moments in the beginning, I can see why its a classic, amazing ambience/story.

Bioshock 2 RM – 18 hours – 8/10 – Very Good:

Big Daddy combat was more fun than the first, story just as great as the first, amazing DLC.

Bioshock Infinite – 19 hours – 7/10 – Good:

Kind of a step in the wrong direction, more arena fights, only 2 weapons, great story. Amazing DLC.

Cave Story + – 8 hours – 6/10 – Okay:

Picked up this cult classic, wasn't great, wasn't bad, decent short platformer with some character.

Death's Gambit – 13 hours – 8/10 – Very good:

Wow underrated here, but I see it was updated later. Very fun, fluid, short 2D souls-like with outstanding boss fights.

Dishonored 2 – 23 hours – 7.5/10 – Good:

Decent game, has some amazing areas then the gameplay loop got tiring, I liked the first much more.

Final Fantasy X – 67 hours – 7/10 – Good:

Liked it alot, some very boring areas(long corridors anyone?), some amazing bossfights, horrible mini games. – Did 100% achievements, I regret it. Story was very good here IMO.

Final Fantasy XII – Zodiac – 71 hours – 8.5/10 – Very good:

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Loved this game, holy is it ever long I played it on 2x speed, could have been 140 hours! Gambit system was very interesting, slightly too easy. This was literally Starwars meets Final Fantasy without lightsabers.

FTL: Faster than Light – 34 hours – 9/10 – Great:

Super addicting, fun, beautiful, amazing soundtrack, absolutely satisfying to beat. I forced myself to put this down and move on or it would be in 100s of hours.

The Messenger – 17 hours – 9.5/10 – Amazing:

One of the best platformers I've ever played in my entire life. Everything is amazing here, only con is pacing issues later and the hardest boss is in the middle. 100% achievements here.

Metal Gear Solid V – 40 hours – 6.5/10 – Okay:

Weird game, both perfect and annoying all at the same time. Gameplay loop is tiring, everything takes too long, but wow amazing opening mission and great cutscenes. I hated how the grading system is based on stealth, it was more boring to tranq or not get seen, then to run in guns blasting Danny Devito meme style.

Nioh – 52 hours – 7/10 – Good:

This game's combat and level design is a 10/10 and make no mistake but the story, side missions, general bloat, and double boss fights make this game a slog. Pacing issues as well, I also hate the cartoony spirits ruin general artstyle of the game.

Rayman Legends – 10 hours – 8/10 – Good:

Still playing here, super fun platformer, easy, alot of content here. Comes with Origins as far as I can tell.

Remnant From the Ashes – 10 hours – 8.5/10 – Very good:

Souls like shooter? Weird but works super well, playing coop and not finished, could get better or worse, still playing.

Resident Evil 1 Remaster – 21 hours – 9/10 – Great:

At first it's clunky, you're lost, it sucks. I put it down after a first death for weeks, came back and beat it. It has so much character and you truly feel like you're trying to survive. That safe room music is GOAT.

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Resident Evil 2: Remake – 45 hours – 10/10 – Almost Perfect:

There's so many memorable moments here and I had so much fun exploring the levels. This game was incredible through and through. 100% achievements here. The puzzles were easy enough to not get bored, gunplay is great, story is great.

Sekiro: SDT – 59 hours – 10/10 – Almost Perfect:

Back to back 10/10 people. This games combat has to be the most satisfying of any game, top notch gameplay, story, sound design, level design, sidequests, just incredible. After you learn spam parry, it stops being difficult.

Spyro: Reignited – 16 hours – 6/10 – Okay:

I loved Spyro as a kid, I beat the first one, halfway through the second then quit. Very easy, it was decent, definitely aged. Perfect for kids to play.

Starcraft 2: Campaigns – 15 hoursish – 8.5/10 – Very Good:

Beat the Terran campaign, quit halfway through 2nd then quit. The campaigns are incredibly well made, very fun game. Would not be surprised if it's the best RTS ever made.

Stardew Valley – 76 hours – 9/10 – Great:

Friggen heck I got addicted to a game that I don't even enjoy the genre. Well I guess I enjoy it now? Give Shane 12 beers and the ass acts like he doesn't even know me.

Steamworld Dig – 7 hours – 5/10 – Average:

It was honestly kind of boring, I knew it was short so I just kept digging. Felt like there isn't much here. Probably a great game for kids.

Super Win the Game – 6 hours – 7/10 – Good:

Good for what this game is supposed to be… An NES flashback. I had fun, I got a little lost, some difficult platforming bits. Cute music.

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The Surge – 27 hours – 9/10 – Great:

Wow was this game ever a surprise, I went into it thinking it was gonna be not good. I was hooked from the start. Great story, 10/10 combat, great bosses, great level design, you can also put your own music as the hub music!! Cons: Not a great ending and the soundtrack wasn't memorable at all.

Hope you enjoyed the write up! Have a great day!


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