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Games I’ve played during lockdown

Content of the article: "Games I’ve played during lockdown"

I have felt the urge to share the games I have played and completed during lockdown. Despite working throughout, from home, I have managed to get through a fair few games over the last six months. Below are my brief thoughts on the games I played, which are a mix of recent and older games. Most were played on PS4 Pro and some on Nintendo Switch. Mild spoilers ahead.

Life is Strange 2: This was not as engaging as Life is Strange or Before the Storm and I found Daniel to be quite an annoying character. This probably explains how my choices towards him made him turn more evil than good in the end. Liked that it was in the same universe as Life is Strange and running into a character from that game.

Bastion: Checked this out having played and enjoyed Transistor. Very much in a similar vein in terms of design and music, although the combat was more simplistic than Transistor. Really enjoyed how the story was narrated throughout. Will probably look to play Pyre at some point.

Persona 5: First Persona game I played and thought the concept behind the story was pretty interesting. Got really into playing it for some reason and completed the entire 100-hour campaign with two weeks. Combat was not as engaging as other JPRGs I’d played though, such as Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Bioshock Remastered: Played this having previously completed Bioshock Infinite. Rapture was a extremely well crafted, atmospheric world with plenty to uncover when exploring. The combat was good with enough variety to keep it engaging throughout.

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The Last of Us Part II: The Last of Us is one of my favourite games and so had high expectations for the sequel. I thought Naughty Dog’s story choices here were very bold, showing the perspective of a number of new interesting characters. The movement and gameplay were definitely improved from the first game. The story was not as impactful as the first for me, which I think was down to it being more personal stories without the implications of a potential cure being found. Not sure where the franchise can go from here, but I’m not a storyteller so what do I know.

Saints Row the Third Remastered: This is the first Saints Row game I’ve played, and it was immensely fun. Crazy world with wacky characters and a suitably silly story to go along with it. Gameplay was simple but fun with a good variety of land and air vehicles available.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Played this through PS Now as never got to it when I was younger. Struggled being stealthy with the fixed camera angle and outdated controls but got through it in the end. Story weirdly felt relevant to the current world political landscape. Maybe because with all the things Kojima throws at you something is bound to stick. Will play Peace Walker soon to complete the entire Metal Gear Solid series.

A Way Out: Loved the concept of this game and really enjoyed playing it through with a friend. Was far more to the gameplay and story than I was expecting, and I didn’t see the final twist coming until pretty late on in the story. My friend and I had a philosophical crisis trying to decide which way to end the story.

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Divinity Original Sin 2: Struggled with this game at times. Had to play it on easy and relied on walkthroughs to get through some parts of it. Was great where it clicked though. The world was incredibly detailed, and I appreciate the effort to have the plethora of characters’ dialogue all voiced and well delivered. Combat was good and its adaptability made it possible to try out different approaches.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered: Wanted something fun and simple to play after DOS2 and had not replayed this since the original on PS3. Still looks and plays great.

Gris: I bought this on whim without knowing much about it and was very pleased I did. Simple platformer with a beautiful art style and soundtrack and a very strong emotional impact. The sequences where the darkness was closing in and the protagonist had to try not to succumb were very well done.

Ghost of Tsushima: The combat system was great in this game, with progression giving you new ways to approach battles at the right time. The stealth however, felt like something of an after thought and the missions were that was forced on you was annoying. I really like how the main characters’ stories were told, through companion missions and it did not feel like a bloated open world game. The world was gorgeous, although the particle effects could be a bit over the top at times.

Next up on my list to play are Death Stranding and Final Fantasy IX.


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