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Games set in WW2 with less war and more humanity

Content of the article: "Games set in WW2 with less war and more humanity"

Recently I've been reading about Otto Skorzeny and his commando activities during WW2, and so I was wondering, why is the bulk of the games that deal with WW2 so excruciatingly boring? I am of course referring to the innumerable FPS that have you doing next to nothing except ''killing Nazis'' on the front. Very cool! But also very tired and insipid and lackluster.

I have encountered two games that I liked to various degrees, especially given their availability in adopting a newer perspective. I'm talking about The Great Escape, released in 2003, and The Saboteur, from 2009. What these two games have in common is that the action in which you're planted takes place behind the actual front lines, so that you're not playing as a soldier, but just as a civilian plodding its way through the trenches of the war back at home, in the cities, in the countryside, in the world still not threaded on by tanks.

And these are elements I'm looking out for: a game that is set in wartime, but deals indirectly with the war, or, at least, doesn't make you plunge in the thick of it, bearing the heaviest brunt of it frontally, instead giving you the alternative of a more settled down activity, allowing you the occasion to see how the world worked back then in those hard times. I remember it having a strong impression upon me how the countrysides were portrayed in Brothers in Arms, which of course is a FPS taking place on the front, but the environment was a lot more marginal with one-off missions instead of full scale invasions. In Hell's Highway the rural Netherlands were a bliss and a thing to behold. The green of the grass, the blue of the sky, the animals, the small houses. In Call of Duty 2 again there were some beautiful moments with the missions happening in northern France under the gloomy sky and the crude grass of the countryside, the barns, the rural houses. It was just beautiful.

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What games are there that present the world at war without dealing directly with the front, while presenting a very beautiful imaginary from France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium etc. from let's say 1900 to 1950, and without setting you in the awkward position of the private that kills by himself entire legions and brings victory for its side? I want more modest representations, more romantic, if you like.


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