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Games that people still actually play in 2020

Content of the article: "Games that people still actually play in 2020"

I decided to make this list after thinking briefly about what the best mmo's are… and I realized there's only a handful that people actually play or even talk about in the current year.

Games people actually main and get talked about: Wow, FF14, OSRS, BDO

Basically, these are the games that even if you don't play, you will hear numerous stories from people who do play about how the game is so bad, how they had to quit to fix their life, about what things that made it good or addicting, whatever. BDO is probably the most contentious inclusion but I hear about it so often that it's hard to deny that people are playing it.

Games that people talk about but seem more of a side hobby: Guild wars 2, ESO, Albion Online

I feel like these games get brought up a lot as things that the industry is doing well, or examples of good games that people should play. However, I rarely hear anyone complaining about them or discussing things actually happening in the game. I honestly know zero about any of these game's end games because people don't really talk about the details of the games almost at all. Where as something like BDO, I have a general idea of what is actually happening in the game without playing it myself. It also seems like hardly anyone mains these.

Games that have a dedicated fanbase that still plays: Everquest, eve online

There might be others but these are the two that you really hear about a lot.

Random pokemon mmos: Pokemon planet, pokemmo, pokemon revelation, pokeone… etc

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Current new mmo that people are playing but probably will get tired of: Phantasy star online 2

Full list of games people actually play in 2020: Wow, FF14, OSRS, BDO, Guild Wars 2, ESO, Albion Online, Everquest, Eve online, random pokemon mmo's, and Phantasy Star Online 2.

If you disagree with this list, I'd like to be curious to hear what you think people are actually playing or that you are playing that is actually mainstream.


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