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Games you can’t help but reinstall

These games that fill you with nostalgia or trigger your dopamine addiction as soon as you hear their soundtrack or just because someone mentions them.

For me there is a bunch, continue ready at your own peril, you might want to reinstall all of them!

Morrowind tops the list without surprises, always a blast and there are always new mods to try out. I reinstall it every 3-4 years and never regret it.

Baldur's Gate 2 because the story is very good but also the character construction. Play it with a full party or do a solo run, this game is just pure fun! + I like DnD. Will BG3 replace it? I certainly hope so!

Kenshi is a gem in the rough that not enough people have heard about. Gives me Morrowindesque vibes. I usually dont play it for a lot at a time but it is always a treat to go back to this unforgiving world. Can't wait for Kenshi 2!

Rainbowsix 3: Ravenshield is the game that made me want to start this thread because I just found it's main title soundtrack on Youtube. It is getting old now but the solo campaign remains my favorite tactical shooter and the multiplayer is the most fun I ever had. 1 shot and you are dead or, if you are lucky, badly crippled. Try pistol only, use gaz grenades, I love it!

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EVE online is not a game I uninstall but I just play it on and off. Probably one of the longest running MMO. Another harsh world to survive in, this time against real players! Come for the spaceships, stay for the economy!

STALKER is probably my favorite game of all, I cannot play it without misery or deadair mods, these make the game really hard. I like hard games like this because it forces you to always be ready and alert and plan ahead. I reinstall this every 2 years.

Honorable Mention

Final Fantasy X is a game I have not reinstalled yet but it is.. just… so… beautiful! The music, the world, the characters, the story! My favorite FF and I played all of them form I until XII starting with VII.

If you have not played some of those, I highly recommend you try them, some are old but they hold up quite well in 2020

What are yours?


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