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Hey r/patientgamers It's been a long time since I last posted. Back in March, I was furloughed (meaning paid 80% wage to not work) which of course meant it was the perfect time to get as much of my backlog done as humanly possible, before the PS5 comes out.

I have read, and loved reading people logs while locked down, but decided to do mine a little differently. I decided to finished as many games as possible, then write once my own personal lockdown is over (initially being told I only had a month of work)

Welp, yesterday it finally happened. I go back to work on Monday. So it's time to start my posts. Overall, i managed to finish 41 different games (which to me, normally means finishing the story)

My first post, I though I would start with the negatives and knock ten off right away. All off these games, I put down without finishing:

Overcooked – A fun little coop game, but after a while it does become very simplistic. While it's not a bad game, my SO and I preferred other games of the same genre (Good Job probably being my favourite)

Fallout 4 – While the game isn't necessary bad, it's just not good. The colour pallet is bland, the graphics are average. The RPG mechanics kinda suck but as it's and RPG the shooting mechanics aren't as good as other FPS on the market. Unfortunately I got so bored of traipsing around brown and grey landscapes that I didn't bother seeing the story through to the end.

Shadow of Mordor – For some reason, I had a graphic bug I couldn't get rid off. So, no comment.

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Apex Construct – This is a great VR title, but get very tricky to aim as quickly as you need to. I rarely suffer from VR motion sickness, but as soon as the difficulty ramped up (around mission 4) I had to move so quickly I just kept feeling queezy. And the auto save only reset me to before the motion sickness part. A great game, but take care while playing.

Lego Batman 3- While there isn't anything WRONG with Lego batman, I just felt it was the weaker of the Lego games. My personal favourites are Lego Marvel 1, Star Wars and Jurrasic Park. Maybe after finishing all of them I am just Legod out, as every game is basically the same. I hope one soon will somehow shake the formula up.

Dragon Age Inquisition- I started this off the back of finishing Mass Effect 3, hoping for something similar but in fantasy. Unfortunately DAI is just a Mediocre game,with some real bad design choices. It not as bad as two. But 1 is still the best by a mile.

Wasteland 2 – I bought this game a long time ago, not knowing what it is. I didn't like it, but my taste in games has been changing recently so gave it another shot. Unfortunately it seemed clunky, with a lot of reading. Reading isn't a bad thing. But the writing here didn't suck me into the story.

Baba is You- Honestly, it was a great puzzle game, and i'm too dumb for it, so I didn't finish it. Maybe I'll try when I'm working again and my brain is being used more.

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Forza Motorsport 7- Great racing game. Unfortunately this kept crashing so I could never finish past the second league. But if it works, a must have racing game.

And finally, the Talos Principle. Honestly, I had a LOT of fun with this game, and it's story was really interesting and the puzzles fun. I got bored by world 3 (out of 4) as the story seemed to had dried up, and there was no humor to drag it along. You supposed to be made to question yourself by 'Milton' but, I kinda agreed with everything he said early on, but that didn't seem to sit with Milton, so he just started arguing the point he didn't want to make. Maybe I'm nitpicking. Honestly, this was game 41. So maybe I was a little burnt out at the stage, let me know what your thoughts as this is the game that I out down and am annoyed with, but I know I might be being unfair, and maybe should try again after a few weeks no gaming.

Anyway, thanks for listening! From on it will mostly be positive 🙂


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