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Genshin Impact is a marvelous free to play RPG with coop elements that rewards patient gamers, maintaining a rare level of quality along with incredible frequent, well developed updates.

Global release date: 6 months and 3 weeks ago, so it follows game posting rules.

This post is a different take on "patient gaming", as it's less about waiting a long period before playing a game and more so about a game which you can play at a moderate pace and be at the same level as an addicted player.

Genshin Impact is a game with gacha elements that still gives players a relatively large amount of in game currency to be used in rolling for new weapons and characters. Some players do not favor gacha elements which I can completely understand, but the ability to pass all of the game's content with the base characters given is completely doable and only depends on your own dedication to leveling up and upgrading your weapons/characters/items.

There is a mercy rule in place for both 4 star and 5 star gacha elements, so no matter what you are guaranteed to receive a 4 star after only 10 pulls and a 5 star after 90. Allow me to give a disclaimer, I personally purchase the monthly welkin moon pass which gives an additional 90 primogems (in game currency) a day, but it's because I fully support the developers and the content they constantly provide. Despite only having paid roughly 35 dollars into the game currently after buying the monthly pass, I have every single 4 star character and numerous 5 star characters; I am well known for my terrible luck too.

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Now what about the game's content? The game has a main story progression, many different character story progressions, many sidequests, 4 hangouts, and many sidequests as well. Every update brings new content for each of these categories, and new events which make it so that there is rarely a day without at least a single event going on. The game is updated monthly and usually has about 4 events with 1 main event in each update. There is a massive, open world map which isn't even 1/4 the size it will end up being after all the new regions have come out over time.

I would easily call this the current best game that rewards players who are patient and constantly look for new content to come out over time. The reason is because all of the in game content is locked behind your "adventure rank" level (AR), which increases as you do quests, open chests, and do your dailies. The one negative is that someone can't knock out all of the content in a single day since it is locked behind AR, but for me that is perfectly fine since I'm a patient gamer (roll credits) and enjoy having something new to do every few days or so as it unlocks.

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Finally, free event weapons and characters are given every other update or so, and there's always new ways to play coming up. The next update is once again coming with something new and massive, a customizable housing area which you can meticulously customize and will soon after be able to put all of your collected characters in. You'll really begin to love the cast of characters too as you play the game! Everyone is viable in your 4 person team, its your choice on how to customize and how to play.

TLDR: Massive wealth of content, monthly updates with new content, events, and quests.

Lovable characters with lots of depth.

Few gacha elements, which don't even have to be used.

Large explorable world, constantly updated.

Can play dungeons and bosses with friends and strangers, still being updated.

Extremely large community with fantastic art and support. 🙂

Feel free to leave questions, I have a wealth of knowledge about the game and I will readily share


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