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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Review

Content of the article: "Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Review"

The Ghostbusters franchise is a weird one to say the very least. The 1984 movie is still to date one of the most successful comedies produced and holds a special place in many people's hearts. Despite this, members of the cast were hesitant on a sequel, especially Bill Murray. Ghostbusters 2 eventually happened and did still well but received mediocre reviews. Since then Ghostbusters 3 was rumored but due to Bill Murray and Harold Ramis' weakened relationship#Struggleswith_a_third_film(1990%E2%80%932014)), it never happened in film form. When Harold Ramis passed, it pretty much guaranteed Ghostbusters 3 wouldn't happen, and eventually, it lead to the Ghostbusters reboot in 2016. The less we say about that the better. Now we have another attempt in the form of Ghostbusters Afterlife soon. We'll see what happens with that but it's clear the franchise has had a rocky history. Now I mentioned that Ghostbusters 3 never happened in film form. But it did pretty much happen. People often forget about the Ghostbusters Video Game, featuring all the original cast and a continuation of the original story and characters. I finally picked up this game because I was very curious to see the closest equivalent to Ghostbusters 3. Here's the Good, the Ugly, and the Bad of the Ghostbusters video game. (Before I get more messages again, I know it's usually called The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. But that doesn't matter, because the movie was originally called The Good, the Ugly, and the Bad in Italy and it makes more sense for the Ugly to be the in-between for the Bad and the Good.)

The Good:

– It's quite amazing to hear all the original cast back in their roles. I'm going to go ahead and say this is the main reason why you would play this game. All of them don't seem to be phoning it in either, even Bill Murray, who is half trying at least which is above average for him. There's even more talent other than the Ghostbusters, including Annie Potts, William Atherton, Brian Doyle Murphy, and Max Von Sydow. The writing isn't as strong as the original but it's just so neat to experience all these actors in one package.

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– The game does a good job of fitting within the spirit of the franchise. All the ghost designs and world-building is quite excellent. They really nailed the look and feel of the world of ghostbusters. It makes it all the easier to see this as a successor to the original movies. There are even some legit creepy parts which show the devs understand part of the appeal of the original.

– Despite some gripes I'll discuss later, it really is cool to go to locations seen in the movie. It's a joy walking around the firehouse in particular.

– Graphically during gameplay, the game still looks pretty good. Going from inFAMOUS, which released the same year as this, the difference was large to say the least. Environments look good and the character models and animations do their job. Admittedly the Ghostbusters can look uncanny at times but whatever.

– I like all the power-ups for your proton pack. It reminds me of Metroid Prime a little bit, with the 4 different power beams. They look cool and since you constantly switch back and forth, it brings some variety to ghostbusting.

– I like the collectibles you can find throughout the levels. They all have funny lore around each one and you can slowly watch as you build a collection of them in the firehouse.

The Ugly:

– I would say that the overall combat is fine. It does its job and it's fairly fun but it's definitely not perfect. The dodging mechanics a bit wonky and cumbersome. Sometimes I feel it's just impossible to dodge things when there's like 5+ enemies on screen. I'll get into some of the other issues later.

– The writing isn't as strong as it could be. Granted it would be impressive to be even close to the original but I didn't find myself laughing that much. There' still a passable amount of chuckle-worthy jokes in the end though. It's fine for what it is.

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– Look, I really do like the fact that they use the score of the 84' film. But it's just repeated a bit too much for my liking and it starts to get on your nerves. Some more original music would be nice.

– The game could have a little more content. I don't mind short length but I feel like it's missing one or two more levels. I looked it up and the game did have a fair amount of cut content.

The Bad:

– The enemy health bars in this game are way too large. I can hold the proton stream on an enemy for like 10 seconds and it only shaves off like half of their health. Considering this game is quite short, it feels like padding and it does drag down the pace a bit. Bosses have the same problem too.

– There are some fairly poorly balanced segments. Unfortunately, this game will sometimes throw tons of enemies at you and expects you to BS your way through them. The combat is not sophisticated enough to lead to any meaningful strategy so you will die occasionally because it just becomes an annoying bullet hell.

– I get what they were going for with the partner system but it's not that fun. You have to go help your partners back up if they take too much damage but they get KO'd every 30 seconds it feels like. Babysitting the other Ghostbusters gets tiresome and they are often too slow to save you if you get KO'd.

– Some of the cutscenes are pre-rendered and they don't look too great. I found the audio was off for many of them too, which was distracting.

– There's a bit too much fanservice. The first two missions are spent in locations from the first movie and feature ghosts from them too. There are even very similar jokes taken from the movie and it all feels redundant. I don't mind callbacks but there's too much here. Thankfully by the third mission, the game becomes more of its own thing but sometimes the game will feel like Ghostbuster's greatest hits instead of Ghostbusters 3.

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So that's Ghostbusters the video game. It didn't particularly wow me but I enjoyed my time with it and it was novel to experience basically Ghostbusters 3. If you can pick it up for 5 or 10 bucks, I would say it's worth it, especially around Halloween time. I would say it's worth the title of a Ghostbusters sequel. It'll be interesting to see if this franchise continues strongly with Ghostbusters Afterlife and if Sony continues to dig this franchise out of this grave after. But even if those don't work out, it's safe to say that the video game is an acceptable exit for the series.


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