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Giving my thoughts on every Mario game I own in chronological order: Super Mario Land

With the whole Nintendo crew at the time being hard at work in the SNES, the Gameboy at the time was pretty much an afterthought for many of the members at Nintendo. Despite having just launched, it still wasn't doing too well due to the lack of games on it. Luckily, the Gameboy developers knew just the thing that would be guaranteed to get society to give a crap about it. What was this holy grail for the Gameboy? Mario of course. Siguri Miyamoto however, already trying to grind up ideas for Super Mario World, ended up allowing a gameboy Mario game to go through, but let someone else be the lead director of it. Thus making this the first Mario game that he wasn't the lead director for. So that leaves the question, does this game still end up being good? Here are my thoughts on Super Mario Land


This may be a different game entirely that i'm thinking of, but I could've sworn the first time I was aware of this game was listening to my mom talk about playing it when she was a kid. She’d always tell me how bad she was at it and that rarely did she ever make it past the first world. Then she sold the game and her gameboy at a garage sale we had. Anyways actual nostalgia wise, I honestly think I have more of a nostalgic connection to Brentalflosses “Super Mario Land WITH LYRICS!!” Video than this game. Story

The story this time follows Princess Daisy from Sassafras land being kidnapped by an alien named Tebula. After hearing about this, Mario sets in to rescue her. The player takes on the role of Mario.

So its a little different this time around. Sure, its just the previous plot with different characters and locations plugged in, but still. This is also the first game to introduce us to Daisy, which is certainly a selling point in my eyes.

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The game consists of 4 worlds this time instead of the typical 8. They also only include 3 levels a world instead of 4 or 6. The objective of each level is still the same, get to the end. Likewise at the end of each world, there is a boss that Mario needs to fight.

Although this game brings about a series of differences, one of the main ones is now whenever a level ends, theres no flagpole. Instead, there's a lower exit and a higher one. If the player reaches the higher exit, than they get to play a minigame that grants them either extra lives or a power up (which ill discuss more later).

The bosses that I mentioned earlier are a tad bit different as well. As opposed to just fighting bowser several times, this game has a different and unique boss for each world. Something that I heavily appreciate as a fan of boss fights.

Another new addition is the inclusion of a few side scroller shooter levels. This changes up the gameplay and the enemies significantly, and even the final boss takes place this way.

Now onto the little changes

All of the enemies are (with the exception of the bullet bill blaster and goomba) new, and while i'm not going to list all of them, I will give some examples, like the koopas shell now exploding as opposed to bouncing around as well as the inclusion of a stoneface like creature that runs around the stage. There are also some enemies exclusive to the side shooter stages like an enemy called chicken that dive bombs you.

The last little change is there's only one power up in this game and it replaces the fireflower. This new power up is called the “superflower” I believe and it lets the player shoot what the game calls “Superballs” which act as air hockey pucks in the sense that they bounce around the screen every time they hit a wall. Not only do they kill enemies when hit, but they also collect coins as well. This is actually a kinda nifty power up that I really wish was brought back in later Mario games.

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Overall I actually like all the changes that are brought in this game. It gives it a completely different style from the others and just helps it be set apart that much more.


Oh, you thought the NES was bad, wait until you see this… JK, obviously because its a gameboy game it's gonna be all black and white. But still, while i'll admit it is one of the less graphically impressive titles on gameboy it isn't that bad to look at.


Luckily the sound is a lot better in this game. There are only a couple of tracks in this game and while theyre not absolute bangers, they get the job done. They exist, and they are enough.


So what do I think of this game overall?

Well i'm still salty that Nintendo refused to put this theme in SMM2. Just wanted to get that out of the way right now. Other than that, it's a fun little deviant from the normal, even if it can be completed easily in around 45 minutes straight through. Whether or not it still holds up today really depends on what you look for in a video game. If you're looking for a fun little romp then this will be all you need. But if you're trying to find an A+ Mario on the go experience, then this aint it. I would say the biggest downfall of this game is its short length, because I would really like to see more that this game had. So for that, im gonna give this game a ⅗.

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Ways to play this game today

There are really only two ways to play this game today

-if you have an original gameboy and a cartridge of this game, you can play it that way -If you have a 3ds, its currently available on eshop for 4.99 + tax, which I think is a little much but still, its probably the best way to play this game today

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Id love to hear your opinion! Thats gonna be all for this one but until next time, happy gaming.


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