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God Eater 2: Rage Burst is an incredibly corny and fun game that wears it’s heart on its sleeves

Content of the article: "God Eater 2: Rage Burst is an incredibly corny and fun game that wears it’s heart on its sleeves"

If you've played games like Monster Hunter or heard of it, I highly recommend it. Primarily it is similar because you have to find and kill monsters but it cuts to the chase of bashing monsters really fast. However if you haven't played MH and are concerned about 'grinding' in this game, this is incredibly grind friendly – only up until the last stretch of the game, where you might need better gear.

One thing that I surprisingly enjoyed was the story of this game. It is very anime, there's no doubt about it. There's something about how it handles it light heartedness and it's serious moments with a sense of corniness that ends up being endearing (to me at least). The character episodes are a good filler in understanding the characters and can also serve as a means to farm materials and improve their skills. The part where Romeo dies didn't hit me that hard, but when Levvie started talking about her childhood with Romeo it somehow got to me. It was cheesy but it got me. And speaking of cheesy, the end of the first arc where Yuno sings had me have a smile on my face – because that 'trope' is among my favorites to see.

As for the gameplay and music? It's tight and slick. It's more similar to DMC than it's counterpart. The combat and the prep time music can feel chill to exhilarating. There are some tracks where I liked it so much, I just stayed a little longer to hear it more. The gameplay, is of course the meat of the game, and it does its job pretty well. As I said before, it's similar to MH but it's faster. I think my only two gripes of this game is its list based inventory system for materials/items and the fact that you're not told much else about the fact that you can have other healing items too (or buffs and debuffs). When it comes to crafting, it's not even much of a big deal because I've managed to reach near end game (Difficulty 14) with Rank 7-8 gear. If I'd give any advice to someone new it'd be to craft or upgrade your equipments only when the situation calls for it. A good variety of weapons too, from swords to scythes. Although, playing a buster sword (basically UGS from Dark Souls) main can be suffering due to the fact that some monsters can zoom past you. There are two specific aragami types that fucked me up: Gwains and Kyuubis. They are both have incredibly fast attacks and hit like a train. Having slow weapons is a death sentence when going against these two types.The bullet editor is daunting but it's actually not that complicated besides the dmg per shot and it's cost and effects.

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Overall it's a fun game and I daresay, a very underrated series. Maybe because it was a PSP and Vita series for a good chunk of time, so not a lot of people know about it. But now that's on PC, I'd say it's a good deal considering you get both the first and second game.


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