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God of War (2005)

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I picked up a vita recently and gave the God of War (2005) a try. I remember seeing my friend play Ghost of Sparta on PSP back in college days and I was hooked. Too bad I never had a PS before. I did try giving it a try on PCSX2 Emulator but the fixed camera seemed weird (as I hadn't played these kind of games before).


The graphics are as you would expect for a 2005 game, I think they would have looked good at that time but on the Vita it seemed acceptable to me.

Level Design:

This is where the game shines. More than half of the game takes place in search of Pandora's box. Which is located in a temple carried by a Titan in a desert. Kratos took 3 days to climb to the temple, the scale is massive.

The wrap-around level design is… interesting. It definitely creates a memorable experience.


The combat system has a good level of depth to it. There are unlockable combos, new abilities and power unlocks. It doesn't bore you. The enemies mostly don't feel like sponges. Although I do wish games would trade number in favor of strength of the enemy. To kill an enemy in a single combo feels more powerful.

There are a few bosses in the game, the most memorable and enjoyable is Pandora's guardian. It takes a couple of tries to beat him and it is satisfactory how Kratos rips off his armor one by one.

There are also puzzles, which don't feel out of place. I have played a lot of games yet the puzzles from this 2005 game seemed interesting. The puzzles are more of mixed with platforming.

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There are a few areas which are just based on platforming as well, although the platforming being a little imprecise, with that fixed camera, I struggled with a couple of them.

Save System:

The save system is very weird. The game has a checkpoint system, so if you die you re-spawn at the checkpoint which is good. However, if you quit you will need to load the game at a point where you manually saved. And you can manually save only at certain points in the game.


The game ran very well on Vita. However, Sony's insistence on pushing back and front touch-screens into controls somehow spoil the experience. My main gripe is with the switch of blades using the left portion of touchscreen which I kept on accidentally hitting while moving my thumb on the left stick.

Also one of the attack was an icon on the touchscreen which I ended up never using.

Vita also seems to have ergonomics issue, I feel my left wrist having a little pain after playing this game over the last week. Compared to Switch, where I was able to finish Hollow Knight without any issues.


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