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God of War, Bloodborne, Witcher III and now The Last of Us Part II have rejuvenated my love for gaming

This post doesn't really have a focus point of discussion. I just felt like putting it out there.

I'm a 27 year old male. Some of my very pleasant childhood memories are me playing video games with my older brother. We had this console that would play 8 bit games as they were sometimes called. It wasn't an original Nintendo, but a chinese mock up. But we loved it all the same. It didn't take disks, but it took Cassettes that were a single chip to be inserted into the console. The Cassettes were often sold with game bundles like "49 in 1" or "9 in 1" etc.

Oh yeahh, and how can I forget Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology played on Windows 7 PC? those are still one my most favorite games of all time.

With time, as we grew up, time became a scarce & precious commodity. My brother and I moved to different countries for education and work. But I still remember the fun we had vividly.

Fast forward a few years, in my early twenties, I lost all interest in gaming. I stopped following gaming news. Wasn't upto date on what games are being released and all. I tried to play a few PC games but didn't feel hooked and dropped them without finishing.

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A few months back, I bought a PS4 Pro and it was like I discovered fire. I knew from the get go that multiplayer wasn't for me. I neither have the time nor the inclination to spend hours and hours on casual gaming.

I purchased the games in the title and some more. Mostly PS4 exclusives. Tried a few others too and regretted instantly. They just weren't for me.

To make a long story short and anticlimactic, I'm now basically a sucker for AAA games that are extremely polished and are SINGLE PLAYER STORY DRIVEN.

Games like these are extremely rare considering the sheer number of games that are released. I just hope that Sony and other companies never lose focus on single player.

I recently saw the road to PS5 presentation by Mark Cerny, He mentioned there that the time to triangle time i.e. the time it takes for the developer to become productive with the PS5 is less than a month.

Which would probably mean shorter and easier development cycles. I get giddy already thinking about the next gen story driven games and even IPs that haven't even been announced yet.

And with games like TLOUII selling extremely well, I think single player games are probably safe for now.


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