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(God of war)The plot against Odin.( spoilers!!) Is Mimir trustworthy? Did Mimir and Laufey deceive Kratos into starting Ragnarok?

Content of the article: "(God of war)The plot against Odin.( spoilers!!) Is Mimir trustworthy? Did Mimir and Laufey deceive Kratos into starting Ragnarok?"

As far as decapitated heads attached to your belt go, Mimir is a pretty solid guy. After you free him from the tree atop the mountain, Mimir becomes not only invaluable but also our primary source of insight into the Norse pantheon. He tells us that Odin is a monster that needs to be stopped, and we believe him. Mimir wouldn’t lie to us, would he?

This one hurt to write because I genuinely love Mimir, but what if he is using our protagonists? What if Kratos and his son Atreus are merely pawns in Mimir’s scheme to overthrow the all-father? The facts are pretty solid in this theory. In a lot of ways, the game does not make much sense unless you look at it this way. The conspiratory runs deep my friends so keep up.

Mimir has no love for Odin, the uber-violent and cruel patriarch of the Norse gods, but he is certainly not alone in this. Almost every character we meet in the Game has a bone to pick with old one-eye. Odin is strong and well supported by his son, Thor, and his sons. So to defeat him, Mimir is going to need all the help he can get. He’s gonna need a god killer.

In the game, it is never explained how Kratos comes to find himself in the Norse realm. We start the game with him and his son, Atreus, burning the remains of his late wife, Laufey. But what if Kratos was brought there with a distinct purpose in mind? When a giant has a prophecy of Ragnorok, Odin panics and starts an all-out genocide of the giants to eliminate any threats to himself. Mimir has the gift of prophecy and he is Odin"s advisor at this point. Mimir wants nothing but peace so he starts to be a little liberal with his Prophecies and He tries to advise Odin on the best way to avoid Ragnorok. But when that doesn't work Mimir begins to lie to the all-father to save the Realm. Odin discovers Mimirs deception and is so enraged that he straps poor Mimir to a tree to torture at his leisure. You see, Ragnarok, the end of the world for the Norse gods. It starts with Loki killing Baldr and ends with Odins Death. So naturally, Odin is not too pleased with this. But its a prophecy it could take a thousand years to come to pass. But what if Mimir was a little impatient? What if he decided, with a bit of help from some friends, to kick start Ragnorok? But to kill a god you need a ringer, Enter our boy, Kratos.

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Kratos is a god killer. He killed his father, Zeus, the patriarch of the Greek pantheon, and various other gods. He is a tried and tested deity destroyer. It would make sense that if Mimir needed a guy to kill Odin, Kratos would be at the top of the list. But that only half of the prophecy, he also needs a half god-half frost giant, Loki. Which brings up to Laufey,

Laufey is Krato’s wife and mother of Atreus. She is dead at the start of this game from causes unknown and we find out later that she was a frost giant. As for hate for Odin, shes got that in spades. Odin killed her whole species leaving the half-giant Atreus the last of an extinct race. She and Mimir were also friends. So it is very likely these two gods would work together to bring down the All-Father. Mimir with prophecies while Laufey seduces Kratos to have a son with. That son that would kill Bauldr, fulfilling the prophecy and starting Ragnorok, the apocalypse of Odin and his brethren. Not to mention Laufey provides Kratos with the God killing leviathan axe. She also guides their way throughout the realm tracing the path the player uses to navigate the world. Add to this theory some exceptional helpful friends, Brok, and Sindri. Now, these guys are fantastic dudes. They supply Kratos and Atreus with Axe upgrades, bow and arrows, and advice. They also have no love for Odin. They seem very invested in Kratos doing well and being well equipped. They are very helpful, almost a little too helpful. Sindri supplies the mistletoe arrows that Atreus uses to kills Bauldr. A little convenient that our blacksmiths generously provide the one thing that could kill Baldr.

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So if you take this all together, you have some very motivated gods that all want the same thing, Odin’s head. Mimir torture and imprisonment for a thousand years. The genocide of Laufey’s People. Both are pretty solid grounds for revenge.

So what do you think? Are Kratos and Atreus unwitting pawns in Mimir’s master play to exterminate Odin and his kin? Can we still trust Mimir?


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