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Godfall – Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: Godfall


  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 12, 2020)
  • PC (Nov 12, 2020)


Developer: Counterplay Games

Publisher: Gearbox Publishing

Previous work by Counterplay Games

Entry Score Platform, Year
Duelyst 82 (Metacritic) PC, 2016

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 61 average – 17% recommended – 10 reviews

Metacritic – 62 average – 6 reviews (PS5)

Metacritic – ? average – 0 reviews (PC)

Critic Reviews

DestructoidChris Carter – Unscored

Developer Counterplay Games promises a full loot-based campaign as well as a series of endgame battles, which has me excited to get to the end of Godfall. Again, the jury is out on whether or not this is worthy of the full $70 next-gen price tag, but for now, color me surprised.

Digital TrendsGiovanni Colantonio2.5 / 5 stars

Godfall's dazzling visuals and promising combat are held back by repetitive dungeon crawling.

EGMJosh Harmon4 / 10

Godfall's sluggish, overly complicated combat, hilariously paper-thin story, and numerous technical issues make it a lowlight of the PlayStation 5's launch lineup.

GameSpotRichard WakelingUnscored

Five hours with the looter-slasher from Counterplay Games shows that the game has potential.

GamesRadar+Leon Hurley3.5 / 5 stars

An enjoyable hack and slash looter that plays well despite a sparse, repeating structure

God is a GeekAdam Cook8.5 / 10

Godfall is a massive surprise. It borrows combat from God of War and has enough loot to make Diablo blush. It may look garish but it's well designed and has that "one more go" factor.

IGNTom MarksUnscored

I’m enjoying Godfall, even if it’s not doing much to wow me and the repetition of its missions is wearing a bit thin. It’s got some fun and satisfying combat, a few genuinely novel mechanics, and graphics that range from absolutely gorgeous to a little over the top – but unless its thin story morphs into more than an excuse to go stab stuff, the grindable action-looter structure doesn't seem like it has enough variety to sustain its otherwise expansive customization.

ShacknewsJosh Hawkins7 / 10

If you want a fairly mindless RPG experience that offers some different weapons and gear to mess around with, then Godfall will give you at least a few hours of fun. Just don’t expect a fantasy story worthy of its inspirations, or a world that fully explores its potential and you’ll be fine.

TheGamerKirk McKeand2.5 / 5 stars

If you’re looking for another game like Anthem, this is that with swords. It might be wearing flashy armor, but its muscles are atrophied underneath.

TrustedReviewsAlastair StevensonUnscored

Godfall currently feels very familiar: it unashamedly borrows the loot system that made Destiny and Borderlands great, attempting to mix it with hardcore Souls-like melee combat.

In the first few hours, this makes the game feel a little dull. But the core mechanics feel well built and could act as a stable base for the game's more interesting character building and co-op dynamics, of which I've currently only scratched the surface.


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