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Going too fast in Just Cause 4 nearly bricked my PS4.

Content of the article: "Going too fast in Just Cause 4 nearly bricked my PS4."

Kinda a funny story here but it’s long:

Probably like some others I downloaded Just Cause 4 for free on Plus. I’d been playing it and was actually having quite a lot of fun. However, there was a certain mission, one of the stunts I believe. Anyway, I was in this fast car and driving really fast. Apparently too fast. I looked down and saw I was going 375 kilometers per hour or something. Which was pretty fun but it got me in some trouble.

I think I was traveling too fast for the game to render. The music seized up and started to loop, textures went flat. The engine of the car kept on full bar even though I eventually slowed down. But I had to progress. Eventually, the road just dropped out. I began a free fall under the map. Spinning helplessly with the music still looping and the engine roaring. I headed downward very fast to the iconic water below seemingly every map of every open world game. I splashed down and Rico began to drown. In this game, when you take damage the screen kinda goes pale red and white. So the screen is getting gradually brighter with the music and the engine noise. Though Rico does finally die. Which normally causes the screen to go most white. That happened and it was blinding. But I could still look around and nothing changed. Until the game crashed that is. Hard crash. A crash so hard to messed with my external hard drive. Which the console had to repair. Thankfully that was successful. Recently I had a similar problem with Cyberpunk in which my hard drive couldn’t be repair and I had to wipe it.

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Okay, so the everything seems fine. It was even kinda funny. So I go back in and just try the mission again. But the second time the whole thing happened again. Everything but again, I managed to jump out of the car and swim a bit but that changed nothing. After that, another hard drive repair I go back into the game. But after that I can’t even boot the game and it crashes. Again, repair the hard drive. I was having fun with the game so I decided to just reinstall it in hopes of fixing it.

After the game reinstalled I figured the problem would be solved. No, of course not. Wouldn’t boot. However this time I tried to close the game and that fully froze my console. All the way. Somehow, I got up the quick menu with my controller. I decided to try to restart the console. Wrong answer. The restart resulted in the never-ending flashing blue light. Which went on for some time. I knew if it few alone, the console would end up booting into safe mode and I’d have to factory reset. I’d had to two that twice before. So, I pulled the plug. After that, I was sure I had just bricked my console. It would turn on but nothing would happen. Then, I just tried to get it into safe mode but it just turned off. That happened twice. On the third try I nursed it into safe mode and the automatic repair there actually fixed whatever problem I was having. It booted right back up no problem. Nothing lost as far as games or saves goes.

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I immediately deleted Just Cause 4 after that.


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