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Good action combat mmorpg for consoles? PC?

I’ve played through all of FromSoftware’s games and fell in love with the “just but fair” difficulty and overall combat mechanics. I’m also a fan of monster hunter games, which also have amazing combat. I would love to play an mmo that has rewarding combat like those games and not the traditional tab targeting combat, which I don’t really enjoy. I’ve never been an mmo player (besides Runescape when it was really popular a few years back) because the ones I’ve tried have in my opinion really bad combat or lack engaging gameplay. That said, I feel you can get way more out of a good mmo than a single player game in some instances, so I hope you can help me find a good mmo with engaging combat. I prefer playing on console rather than on PC, so if the mmo is on console it would be a huge plus.

Mmos I’ve tried:

I’ve played ESO and absolutely hated the combat, it felt unpolished, clunky and you “don’t really control your character” if that makes any sense, you just really wait to use your tab combat abilities and I didn’t like that, I felt I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition or something lol. For me, the great storytelling wasn’t enough as the combat was a huge turnoff. (Played in 2018)

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I tried out BDO for a few days and although the combat is amazing, the gameplay seemed overall really repetitive, extremely grindy and the lack of dungeons, and the PTW store eventually turned me away. Once I reached my awakening I stopped playing, so I don’t really know if the gameplay has significant PVE changes after reaching later AP areas or something (PVP was ok, but not amazing. I always got trashed by people who had higher gear. To me it seemed like the game rewards high lvl gear rather than high skill in combat). (Played at the beginning of 2020)

I’ve also tried out bless unleashed on Xbox as it was developed by Bandai Namco (which collaborate with FromSoftware so I expected good combat), but felt the combat to be lacking, the game doesn’t input your attacks immediately, which made the combat feel clunky in my opinion. (Played just after release)

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations, I don’t mind if the game has a lot of grinding as long as it feels fair and rewarding, as an example: Monster Hunter games are really grindy but don’t feel unfair with drops (mostly haha), I’m looking to main this game so I would be a casual/semi-hardcore player.

Also if you feel I should go back and try out again one of the games I mentioned let me know your reasons! Thanks!

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I know a few of you will tell me that playing on PC is better because of better graphics, frame rates, etc… I agree with that, but I personally enjoy consoles more because more often than not I’ve found that online communities are a little less toxic in general, online games are a little bit more casual and I’ve never encountered hackers of any type while playing on console.


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