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Good game for a lost pvper

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Hey everyone I know this topic has been discussed to death but I've got "I don't know what to play syndrome" with games again. Ive played WoW for about 4 years straight as a PvP fanatic and my booty hole can only take so much beating from blizz. Like many of you I love WoW PvP and to me its the endgame as I've just given up on PvE. So I only do the bare minimum dungeons so I can get gear to do arenas which means that my suffers and it creates this big diarrhea whirlpool where you get punished for not doing the part of the game you don't like. I don't want to sit though another 2 year PvE expansion, I just want to shoot some Kamehameha waves at some fools. What's a good mmo where PvP has a solid playerbase for it? Where PvE gearing for PvP doesn't take up most of my playtime so I can enjoy what I like in game.

I've played gw2 and have 3 max level characters (necromancer, Mesmer, warrior) but never did PvP as I couldn't find a guild who wanted a newbie (didn't look very hard to be honest) how's the state of PvP?

I have a 300cp casty boi in ESO but I didn't enjoy cyrodil mostly because big battles turn my monitor into a slide show. I'd give it another go but Its just not something that made me run back to the game so idk if it will scratch the itch.

SWTOR was fantastic for leveling but I thought the endgame was kind of meh for PvE. I never got to try PvP though my guild at the time didn't seem interested in it. Mind you this was 2 years ago so maybe things changed?

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Warhammer online made me realize that even if your endgame goal isn't PvE that it's still very important to have a solid PvE element in the game. This game I just outright quit halfway through leveling because I couldn't take it anymore. Is it worth it in the end? Should I just force myself through it?

Last but not least Albion. I just didn't like the leveling got ganked a bunch and it made me afraid to turn on the game. Should I go back and give it another shot?


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