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Goodbye 1945 Air Force

Since downloading this game in the summer of 2020, I have been addicted rarely missing a day to play. It has taken me 9 months to get a 10-star Teir II plane and I have mostly enjoyed it, but now I can't get past level 210 (currently there are 350 levels in the game). There are 4 main methods to upgrade planes: 1) cash 2) watch ads 3) keep playing the same 4 missions, 4x per day with minimal variations everyday 4) compete against other users.

It takes 2 hours per day to get the max upgrade points for methods 2, 3, and 4. To fully upgrade another Tier II plane would take at least 5 months, or approximately $800. Then it would cost me $100 more to merge these planes, and then even more money/hours to further upgrade the Teir III plane to start beating levels again. Fuck that, I'm done. I've already spent $80, which is the same as Super Smash Bros on the switch and I don't have to pay more or invest years doing the exact same thing everyday to fully experience the game. You literally need to spend thousands of dollars or months of time doing the same boring things to get anywhere near level 300.

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In case the game devs are here and interested in how to get people like me to keep playing the game, here are my suggestions:

  1. Once I get to level 200, it costs me 100s or 1000s of gems to do anything, and I get 1 gem for beating level 201? Seriously? Higher levels should give higher resources, currently that is only true for gold. Make it true also for gems, medals, gold within levels, and everything.

  2. Frustrating to lose in multiplayer against players with much better planes, it's such a waste of time. The top most powerful planes per player should be equal or within 1-star.

  3. For missions and multiplayer and the daily ads, increase the min value by a lot for upgrade points as you progress.

  4. It's ridiculous how many enemies can shoot down your plane with one hit, cut it out.

  5. Just make it a flat thousand module points per star. Once you get a 10-star teir ii plane, it should not take months to progress further in the game.

  6. Module points for random planes that you are not using is frustrating, especially since you expanded the lineup which further dilutes the percentage of useful upgrade points. Random points should be given to the one of four planes that you are currently using, especially at higher levels.

  7. Make the rewards for multiplayer weekly like single player.

  8. Let me choose between gems, medals, or upgrade points to get 4x the reward for watching ads like it is for gold. Make it 5x though.

  9. Add another way to upgrade planes that is more rewarding for anyone stuck in the game like my situation. There is no way I am going to spend $800 for a digital plane, or spend the next 5 months watching ads or playing the same 4 missions to get to level 211.

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For those who haven't tried this game, I do recommend it for the beginning (FTB). You don't have to spend a dime to have fun and the ads don't feel as annoying FTB because you are choosing to watch them. Graphics are great, the enemies and level designs are interesting, and the bosses are unique and challenging. But I thought that getting a 10-star Teir ii plane would get me much further, I wish I quit this game months ago.


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