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Got 26 bucks on PSN, wanting to buy a game

Content of the article: "Got 26 bucks on PSN, wanting to buy a game"

Game(s) I am considering: Cuphead, Curse of the Obra Dinn, Final Fantasy X/X2 remastered, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Cross Code, Bayonetta, Celeste, Ys Origin

The game(s) interest me because: I want a unique experience, i dont really want a game that is just a hollywood movie that you can play (like Uncharted). I dont mind if its a grand adventure as long as its a generally new experience with creativity or a unique world. I'm also worried about the length of the more low budget games on that list considering i set myself on a strict budget for games and want to maximalize my dollar. I also have PS Now so if i missed any of these games on Now or if theres a game adjacent (hesistant to purchase Bayoentta considering the only real game of its type ive played is Nier, whose gameplay i liekd a lot, and Devil May Cry is on Now, so i can always play that instead.)

My concerns about purchasing the game(s): I think i will at least enjoy all of these games. Cekeste and Cuphead worry me for their apparent difficulty as im not a fan of ballbusting games, ala SOulsborne/Sekiro (i have purchased and quit both Bloodborne and Sekiro due to the difficulty)

Games I've liked and why: Mother 3 is my favorite game due to its creativcity and mastery of both gameplay and especially story. Psychonauts is another favorite due to its great writing and unique graphic style and overall creativity. Journey was a phenomenal experience, as was MGS2. Those are generally my top 5. I like to support any autuer i can- people like Pope (creator of Obra Dinn) or Kojima or Taro, or Tim Schaffer, i dont particularly like Suda51 but even him just because i value a individual creative voice enough.

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Games I've disliked and why: Most western triple A rpgs for being generally bogstandard, afraid to take risks, and focus group'd to hell and back sucking any individuality or expression out of it. Though i have liked some recent AAA western games like Red Dead and Ghost of Tsushima just because it captured me into the world enough


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